Who we are

We help businesses achieve more

MOQdigital believes it should be easier for businesses to get the most out of their technology investments.

We have the insight and technical know-how to deliver innovative, reliable solutions that ‘just work’. Partnering with us will allow you to focus on your core business. Our advice, integration and operational services have allowed our customers to achieve business goals faster than the competition and be leaders in their field, including: More productive teaching and learning outcomes in Education, safer workers in remote Mining, Construction and Utility sites, more secure and compliant Finance, Superannuation and Insurance organisations, more patient-centric and productive Health and Aged Care environments, and remarkable guest experiences in Australia leading hotel groups.

Solutions start with questions

At MOQdigital, we don’t believe in doing things the same way because that’s how it’s always been done. Our people treat complex problems with transparency, creativity and ingenuity – that’s what sets us apart. The first step is to get to know your business. We need to understand your business to understand which solution is the right fit. One size doesn’t fit all.

Once we understand your unique challenges, we can start the process of planning, building and be supporting a digital environment that will support you.

Problem-solving for maximum value

We’re problem solvers that extract the maximum value from technology assets. Often it starts with a small problem – not enough storage, systems that don’t talk to each other. Small problems that become big problems – critical business systems or functions at risk, limiting your organisation’s capacity to perform well day-to-day – let alone dream big for the future. Other times it’s a need to extract information from systems – and turn data into valuable insights – or building mobile apps that redefine the experience your people and customers have when doing business.

Our solutions architects and engineers work across teams to ensure an open approach to applications, platforms, communications and security.

Surely there’s a better way

Taking away problems often has the compound effect of making way for new opportunities. This is where it gets exciting. We re-imagine business with digital technologies to disrupt the way things are done now and make way for new ways of thinking. MOQdigital creates smart solutions by being perceptive about business problems. We also understand that change is an evolution, not an instant transformation. We can help wherever you are in the journey.

MOQdigital truly cares about the outcomes for our customer. It’s our goal to help you overcome business critical challenges and plan for the future.

Practical innovation

Customer innovation means being able to deliver better business outcomes. While many IT companies claim to be innovative, our solutions have truly changed the way they worked and have been recognised as industry benchmarks. Our innovation culture combines creativity and ingenuity to push the boundaries of today’s technology, tackling complex problems and crafting real competitive advantage in a rapidly-changing world.

We also know that while innovation means being on the cutting edge, it also needs to be a practical investment that works long-term.

Works around you

MOQdigital has a real reputation for our ability to respond with agility to customer needs. Far from being cookie cutter, our deep technical know-how and a wide range of offerings allow us to quickly re-prioritise our varied customer visions, agility and proactive business responses.

Legendary Service

This entrenched value impacts how we do business every day. It underscores our reputation for delivering great outcomes and for being easy to do business with and highly dependable in critical circumstances by putting Service First.