We’re moving to mobile first world.

Smartphones and tablets are the fastest growing platforms in history for consuming information. The portability and ease of use of such devices has led many businesses to adopt a mobile first strategy arming their staff with mobile devices so they can acces the required data from anywhere. However, traditional business applications don’t have native accessibility of data through mobile devices.

That’s where MOQdigital can help.

We can assist enable greater visibility to your data through mobile devices by enabling the necessary access. We have the expertise to develop mobile apps which interface with various technologies to expose information across Windows Phone, Windows Tablet, Apple and Android devices. Whether you’re after a dashboard view of your integrated systems on your fleet of mobile devices or a fully customised responsive application to service your business, our team will deliver the solution you need for your business.

User Interface (UI) design is an essential component in the creation of mobile apps helping provide a rich user experience. Our mobile UI development approach considers constraints & contexts, screen, input and mobility as outlines for the design. We strive to provide the best user experience, ultimately leading to greater productivity.

Talk to us about mobilising your data.