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Virtual DBA Case Study - Recreo

  • Preparing to launch a new, cloud based, superannuation administration platform in Australia, Recreo needed to be confident that their databases and client data were being well looked after.
  • To fulfil their required DBA capabilities the Recreo team appointed WARDY IT Solutions to leverage their Virtual DBA service.
  • In September 2019, Recreo launched the OneTrust® platform with extensive database testing and support from WARDY IT Solutions. 


Client: Recreo


Category: Virtual DBA

Recreo launch cloud-based superannuation administration platform with help from WARDY IT Solutions

Preparing to deploy an entirely new cloud-based platform, one of the first of its kind in Australia, Recreo needed expert DBA assistance to enable them to achieve their goal. WARDY IT Solutions were able to provide the skills and knowledge needed to enable a successful platform launch.

recreo virtual dba

Objective: Deploy one of Australia’s first superannuation administration platforms based entirely in the cloud

Recreo had a vision to simplify the complexities of superannuation and investment administration. To achieve this, they created OneTrust® - a new and ground-breaking platform based in the cloud.

The target market for the OneTrust® platform are highly regulated superannuation funds. Database security, performance and resilience were critical components to get right before launching OneTrust® to market.

Having identified database administration capabilities required to be sourced, Recreo approached WARDY IT Solutions to assist in their provision while rolling out the platform and its ongoing maintenance.

“As we are a small organisation and our focus prior to going live was on platform development and testing, it would have been difficult to achieve the same level of subject matter expert knowledge and support internally, compared to that of a specialised IT Provider that has market leading expertise in DBA support,” says Dasun Ginige, Head of Business Optimisation at Recreo.

“Having strong security capabilities is a key focus for us which means we have to be conscious of who our database partner is and how they protect any client information from data breaches,” continues Dasun.

"Our platform is critically dependant on MS SQL Server databases and we needed experts with the ability to maintain and protect these. This is WARDY IT’s bread and butter," says Dasun.

Solution: Relieving the pressure with Virtual DBA

Virtual DBA is a service offered by WARDY IT Solutions that provides Australian based, on shift monitoring and maintenance support to businesses 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

“It was clear that WARDY IT Solutions had the capabilities that Recreo needed,” says Dasun.

“The team understood the challenges we were facing and how best to address them. They identified vulnerabilities and patched them to ensure our client’s SQL Server databases were functional and secure,” continues Dasun.

WARDY IT Solutions reviewed Recreo’s existing technology stack and implemented the necessary data security required. The Virtual DBA Service now conducts daily health checks of the SQL servers and sends a report to nominated staff.

The consultants on the project were experienced in supporting the launch of new platforms and were agile and responsive to ensure that key project timelines were met.

Before going live, Recreo and WARDY IT Solutions conducted extensive testing of the platform and its data security. Multiple tests were executed to ensure Recreo’s data recovery plan accounted for all required scenarios. Testing was particularly important as it gave our client and their regulators assurance that the platform was secure.

Virtual DBA Recreo

Accreditation & Launch 

Prior to launching, Recreo received independent verification of their cloud security capabilities and have achieved ISO 27001 certification for information security management. The independent verification was a significant accomplishment as it provides a clear indication to clients and partners of how serious they are about data security.

In September 2019, Recreo announced the launch of the OneTrust® Platform with their first major client, Mine Super. During the lead up to launch, the Recreo team were able to focus on their new client and announcing the milestone without having to worry about the security and maintenance of their MS SQL Server databases, WARDY IT Solutions had it covered.

The Virtual DBA Service includes:

  • Daily health checks delivered to nominated staff providing a detailed report of all SQL Server activity
  • Monitoring of servers 24 hours, seven days a week, 365 days a year by Microsoft Certified, Australian based, on shift DBAs
  • A dedicated account manager to provide a regular point of contact and ensure clients receive the most from their Virtual DBA plans


"We have been able to focus on our core business and the launch of our platform knowing that we are in excellent and expert hands with WARDY IT Solutions," says Dasun.

It’s Only Just the Beginning

With the platform only just launched, WARDY IT have continued to provide key support now that Recreo has moved into a live production environment. Recreo will continue to utilise the support that WARDY IT provide as the company and its client base grows.

“As we move past the post-production stage, we continue to utilise WARDY IT Solutions for support and engage them for our current maintenance. The relationship has been a key part of our business growth and we continue to rely on WARDY for their expertise,” says Dasun.

Words of Advice from Recreo

When it comes to advice, Recreo are happy to admit they didn’t have the necessary resources in house, and with a platform to launch they needed to be supported by the best.

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“When you don’t have the right capabilities, you look at who does. If you need help with MS SQL Server, data security and database maintenance, you go to WARDY IT Solutions”,  says Dasun.

About WARDY IT Solutions

  • 65 employees
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WARDY IT Solutions are Australia’s leading SQL Server and Business Intelligence specialists. The company creates solutions that enable businesses to maximise returns on their investment in knowledge management. Through the extensive use of Business Intelligence, WARDY IT Solutions help their clients to realise the best possible dividend from their data assets.

WARDY IT Solutions have received numerous industry accolades, most notably the prestigious Microsoft Global Data Platform Partner of the Year in 2013. The organisation is recognised internationally for their innovative solutions, training skills and unwavering commitment to education and furthering the interests of the broader Microsoft SQL Server community.

WARDY IT Solutions deliver:

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