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Power BI unlocks value for the travel industry

Orbit World Travel - Australasia’s largest locally owned travel management company - and their technology partner Kudos Travel Technology, identified an opportunity to make data their differentiator in the fast paced and highly competitive corporate travel space by truly embracing innovation. Orbit World Travel kudos-travel-tech-logo

Client: Orbit World Travel, Kudos Travel Technology


Category: Data Analytics

Orbit and Kudos recognised that providing clients with real-time data and personalised reporting integrated directly into the Orbit Enterprise platform, could be a game changer.

Up until now, there has been no solution on the market that displays live, interactive data specific to travel expenditure and behaviours. Starting this journey two years ago, Kudos and Orbit began building a data warehouse utilising their mid-office system data. Through Orbit Intelligence they set out to empower their clients by delivering fast, intuitive, and relevant dashboards within their company travel platform, allowing clients access to their data anytime, anywhere.


Smooth integration and the benefits of single user experience is essential

Orbit Power BI Dashboards

After successfully building a data warehouse in AWS, Phil Rasmussen, Managing Director at Kudos and Ben Cochrane, Client Relationship Manager at Orbit found themselves at a crossroad.

The team had completed a mammoth task but got to a point where they needed further assistance in order to fully understand how to harness the numerous benefits of Microsoft Power BI.

“We were having trouble managing the workflow between our data warehouse and Power BI behind the scenes. We knew we needed to embrace best practices but found it difficult to keep up with the constantly evolving Power BI roadmap, with new features landing every two weeks. We needed an expert to help us optimise our Power BI configuration, and how to connect different data sets while ensuring the product remained user-friendly and customer-centric” Phil Rasmussen, Managing Director of Kudos said.

“We saw the integration of Power BI via API into our travel platform as a key selling point, allowing us to generate reports dynamically and provide a single, seamless user experience. It’s imperative in the success of our product.”

– Phil Rasmussen, Managing Director, Kudos

Complex reporting needs made simple


Orbit and Kudos wanted to take the solution to the next level, and to do this Kudos engaged Microsoft to find a local expert partner who could help harness the latest advancements in PowerBI to ensure we are delivering the most innovative product to market. Over the 2 years of this project, PowerBI evolved extensively with new features and functions, and Kudos wanted to ensure Orbit gained the greatest benefit from this new product and to be a first adopter of this cutting edge functionality.

“Microsoft recommended three organisations and WARDY IT Solutions stood out from the very start. It was clear that they were the most authoritative in the space and after meeting them, we had confidence that we had come to the right place.” Phil Rasmussen, Managing Director at Kudos said.

Both companies gained confidence quickly from the WARDY IT Solutions process. An initial health check was followed by a thorough implementation plan.

“They helped us create a single source of truth for our data and explained how to harness all of the features of Power BI that were relevant for us and helped us understand how Workspaces worked – something that we had been battling with for some time. David Alzamendi’s knowledge is astounding!’’


With clear workflow brings multiple benefits


For Phil and Kudos, the new system has created a clear workflow with greater visibility around central data source and processes. This has further flow-on benefits for their clients, such as Orbit, including:

  • Increased staff satisfaction and productivity
  • For Orbit’s Client Services team, running quarterly reviews with every client was a huge undertaking. The team no longer need to spend time running reports, dumping data and updating spreadsheets and pivot tables. With the new system, real-time data for any given client is available with just a few clicks. Staff have their time back to focus on what matters most – the customer.
  • Improved customer experience
  • Feedback from clients has been awesome says Ben Cochrane, Client Relationship Manager with Orbit. “Providing our clients with instant access to customer-centric reporting, without the need for training or a user guide, removes the complexities of most travel reporting systems. We are now empowering our clients to make data-driven decisions that make sense for their business.”
    Orbit’s clients can now understand their own booking behaviors, possible cost saving initiatives, airline deals, spend with airline agreements compared to targets, spend by departments, and make comparisons & collaborate with their Client Relationship manager to drive change within their business.
  • Huge time efficiency gains
  • “The speed at which Power BI can cut different sets of data and feed through to reports is remarkable,” said Ben Cochrane. “For example, you can switch to a different financial year and everything updates almost instantly.
    They don’t have to run multiple reports to make comparisons due to the interactive features.”
  • Competitive advantage
  • We believe this offering is market leading. The change has ultimately led to high level business improvements that provide an essential performance edge. “Everything is integrated and customer centric.” said Ben Cochrane

The start of an evolving process


Both Phil Rasmussen from Kudos and Ben from Orbit are excited about the continuing and evolving possibilities of Power BI and how they can keep helping clients leverage these benefits. Phil mentioned “Anything new Power BI develops, we want to incorporate into Orbit Intelligence.”

“It already has excellent predictive and natural language capabilities and is getting better all the time through Microsoft’s dynamic roadmap,” said Phil. Kudos would like to see data positively influencing spend and behavior for their clients and has already introduced tailored reports which have been highly valued.

Kudos will continue to work with WARDY IT Solutions as leaders in the Power BI space. Phil Rasmussen, Managing Director of Kudos, saw WARDY IT Solutions as professional, efficient and successful in delivering the exact outcome they were looking for and all within budget.


Words of advice

Seeking local expert advice early in the process of a project like this is the main recommendation Phil Rasmussen from Kudos would make. “Although there is a cost difference between WARDY IT and an offshore team, working with someone locally that understands your business, has helped us achieve success through the final stages of this project.”

When asked about WARDY IT Solutions, Phil Rasmussen said “Why didn’t we work with these guys sooner?”. Both Ben and Phil commented on WARDY IT Solutions’ professionalism, efficiency and the ability to deliver the outcome they strived for on time and on budget.

We can't be experts at everything,” Phil said. “Power BI is a sophisticated solution. It’s one thing to get the data into the data warehouse and another thing to use Power BI to visualise the data in the best way possible. We wanted this to be our point of difference, but it delivered its own unique challenges. David from WARDY IT Solutions provided the right insights at the right time to help bring our product to market.”

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