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Data is the new electricity

WARDY IT Solutions September 2016 Newsletter

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The CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella recently stated that data is the new electricity. Data is powering transformation for organisations both large and small. Whether it’s financial services organisations predicting customer churn or agricultural producers shortening the time from paddock to plate, data is key to drive these business improvements.

WARDY IT Solutions is helping customers achieve more with the data through enabling greater insights:

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Peter Ward
Managing Director

Deeper Insights Across Data

Today, data comes from relational and non-relational sources, from on-premises environments and the cloud, from big data and other sources. Microsoft SQL Server 2016 offers solutions designed to store data in more formats using scalable technologies and provide the services to analyse your data in highly performing, prescriptive and predictive ways.  To learn more about how SQL Server 2016 can provide more insights for your data, click here to download the latest whitepaper from Microsoft.

Pin Reporting Services items to Power BI Dashboards

SQL Server 2016 Reporting Services enables users to pin Reporting Services report items from the report viewer toolbar to a Power BI dashboard as a new tile. Visit MSDN to learn more about this powerful new feature.

SQL Server Healthcheck

Does your SQL Server environment need a Healthcheck? The WARDY IT Solutions SQL Server Healthcheck is designed to review and verify the implementation of common SQL Server Best Practices. Our Database Healthcheck includes all the usage and administration aspects of a SQL Server database, ensuring that your SQL Servers are managed and operated well. Our approach is to analyse the total health of your SQL Server environment and highlight areas of concern, providing recommendations to improve the health and performance of your database environment. Click here for more details and to book your SQL Server Healthcheck.

Using Storytelling in Business Intelligence

Throughout time, storytelling has proven to be a powerful delivery mechanism for sharing insights and ideas in a way that is memorable, persuasive, and engaging. This mechanism of conveying a message in a memorable way can also be applied to data.  Data storytelling is a structured approach for communicating data insights and unlocking value in data which involves a combination of three key elements: data, visuals, and narrative.  Find out more about data story telling here.

Database Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery

Many enterprises still view backup and disaster recovery as an IT function that seems to provide little value, even though they must do it to support critical applications. As a result, many IT organizations often don’t have a database backup and DR strategy in place that focuses on improving the quality of backup, quicker recoverability of databases, strong protection of sensitive data, or even ways to lower infrastructure cost.  Forrestor has released a whitepaper that outlines how public cloud can lower cost, improve SLA’s and deliver on-demand scale.  You can download this white paper here.

Power BI for System Center Configuration Manager

A Power BI solution template for System Center Configuration Manager has been released. The Power BI dashboard provides detailed information of your System Center Configuration Manager including client and server health, malware protection, software updates, and software inventory across your organization. You can compare key System Center Configuration Manager metrics to personalized targets and see how they trend over time. You can also identify trouble spots and get the information you need to understand what needs to be done.  You can find out more about this Power BI template here.

Building Intelligent Applications with a Data Science Process

With the new emphasis on the use of analytics for enterprise-wide data-driven decision making, data science projects have grown in complexity but are often executed in an ad hoc manner.  Microsoft has developed the Team Data Science Process (TDSP) to address this challenges. The key feature is a set of git-based repositories with templates providing a central archive with a standardized project structure, document templates, and utility scripts for all projects, independent of the execution environment, to allow data scientists to use multiple cloud resources as needs dictate. You can find out more about the Team Data Science Process here.

SQL Server Support

Virtual DBA is and award winning database administration service designed by WARDY IT Solutions to assist organisations with the management of Microsoft SQL Server. Our Virtual DBA service provides a cost effective solution to meet the day-to-day challenges of availability, performance and administration of Microsoft SQL Server databases. To find out more about the benefits of a Virtual DBA refer to here.

MAPA 2013

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