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Although FY17 is only 6 weeks old WARDY IT Solutions is already being recognised as the leader in helping organisations unlock the value in their business data, in whatever form it exists. For the fourth year running WARDY IT Solutions has been awarded the global winner of the Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Microsoft Frontline Partner Award. This prestigious award recognises the demonstrated capability to design, build and maintain comprehensive data solutions based on the Microsoft platform.

Maintaining data services whether on premise or in the cloud is a key differentiator of the WARDY IT Solutions end-to-end SQL Server and Azure Data Service offering. Underpinning this is our award winning Virtual DBA service and the IP WARDY IT Solutions has developed to support this. We are pleased to announce that DBMonitor, the software we developed to power the Virtual DBA service, is now Microsoft certified. DBMonitor underwent rigorous Microsoft testing for computability, security and manageability in order to achieve this status. This certification solidifies WARDY IT Solutions position as the leading Microsoft SQL Server partners.

As a result of the ongoing global recognition and our ability to deliver innovative Microsoft SQL Server and Big Data solutions WARDY IT Solutions is able to offer a number of exclusive funding programs to assist clients implement modern data platforms, Power BI and advanced analytics solutions. 

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Exclusive Funding Programs

As a result of WARDY IT Solutions' ongoing global recognition and our ability to deliver innovative Microsoft SQL Server and Big Data solutions, we are able to offer a number of exclusive funding programs to assist you in implementing modern data platforms, Power BI and advanced analytics solutions. Find out more about our exlusive funding programs here.

SQL Server World Record Benchmark

SQL Server 2016 delivers unparalleled performance and security built-in for your most mission critical transactional systems and data warehouses, along with an integrated business intelligence and advanced analytics solution for building intelligent applications.  Blazing-fast performance is key to ensuring you can deliver a flawless transactional experience while at the same time support demanding real-time operational analytics over the data as fast as the data is coming in. You can find out more about this blazing speed and the recently world record transaction performance here.

Hybrid and Hyperscale Cloud with SQL Server 2016

With cloud computing comes a new paradigm shift as organizations continue to realize the potential cost benefits of running their database applications in the cloud with greater scale and flexibility. Microsoft SQL Server 2016 is built for the cloud first, but not cloud only—organizations can easily deploy SQL Server in a private cloud, hybrid cloud, or public cloud, and can use familiar tools for development and management. Find out more about deploying and scaling SQL Server with a new cloud white paper which can be found here.

Azure SQL Data WarehouseSQL Server 2014 Training

The defining characteristic of cloud computing is elasticity – the ability to rapidly provision and release resources to match what a workload requires – so that a user pays no more and no less than what they need to for the task at hand. Such just-in-time provisioning can save customers enormous amounts of money when their workloads are intermittent and heavily spiked. And in the modern enterprise, there are few workloads that have a desperate need for such elastic capabilities as data warehousing. With the general availability of the Azure SQL Data Warehouse, Microsoft has delivered the true promise of cloud elasticity to data warehousing. Learn more about this new release here.

SQL Server Healthcheck

Does your SQL Server environment need a Healthcheck? The WARDY IT Solutions SQL Server Healthcheck is designed to review and verify the implementation of common SQL Server Best Practices. Our Database Healthcheck includes all the usage and administration aspects of a SQL Server database, ensuring that your SQL Servers are managed and operated well. Our approach is to analyse the total health of your SQL Server environment and highlight areas of concern, providing recommendations to improve the health and performance of your database environment. For more details on our SQL Server Healthcheck refer here.

Power BI Brand and Campaign Management Solution for Twitter

Microsoft has recently released a brand and campaign management solution template for Twitter. With this solution template data is enriched through natural language processing techniques like sentiment analysis. This means you can quickly identify areas of concern, such as authors who are consistently posting negative tweets about campaigns or products. You can even drill down into the raw tweets. Download this free Power BI Solution Template here.

In-Memory OLTP and Columnstore Feature ComparisonEnd of Extended Support for SQL Server 2005

The in-memory features of Microsoft SQL Server are a unique combination of fully integrated tools that are currently running on thousands of production systems. These tools consist primarily of in-memory Online Transactional Processing (OLTP) and in-memory Columnstore. A white paper has been released that compares the in-memory features and how best to utilise them.  This white paper can be found here.

New SQL Server Sample Database

A release the magnitude of SQL Server 2016 deserves a new sample. AdventureWorks, which was the sample database first introduced with the release of SQL Server 2005 has been replaced by Wide World Importers.  Wide World Importers is the new sample for SQL Server 2016 and illustrates how the rich SQL Server feature set can be used in a realistic database. You can download the latest version of this new sample database here.

Business Intelligence Trends to Watch in 2016

The realm of Business Intelligence is currently shifting and changing rapidly. Cloud services, Big Data, data science, modern data platforms and predictive analytics keep improving in ways that augment BI. Because of this, the role and capacity of BI is continually in flux.  The following article outlines some of the key trends in Business Intelligence to watch for in the second half of 2016 and beyond.

MAPA 2013

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