MOQdigital's SQL Server Safety Check

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Our SQL Server Safety Check comprises a 33-point health check of your SQL Server instance, covering:

  • SQL Server Configuration
  • Operating System Configuration
  • SQL Server and Operating System Updates
  • Database Configuration
  • Database Protection & Recoverability
  • Security Checks
  • Indexes & Statistics
  • Costly Query Analysis
  • and more.

The SQL Server Safety Check delivers a comprehensive report on the findings from the assessment, as well as a detailed work plan outlining the effort required and cost to remediate the identified issues.

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  • We monitor your databases 24x7x365
  • We provide 100% on shift support
  • We conduct daily health checks and comprehensive status report on your SQL servers
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  • We take care of operational database tasks
  • We fix  potential problems before they
    escalate into issues
  • We help you super-charge your Microsoft Data Platform and Data Analytics capabilities


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  • Moving to a Virtual Database Administrator helps  concentrate on product and service delivery.
  • We provide you with the flexibility you need – from enhancing your existing team to providing total ownership of your data estate.

"Virtual DBA and the entire Wardy IT team are part of our team, integral to everything that we do."

Richard Wiltshire, Head of Technology Operations
Cover-More Group

"The Virtual DBA Service makes us sleep a lot better at night!"

Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance Europe
MS&AD Insurance Group

Get peace of mind with a team of expert DBAs managing your database 24/7 x 365:

Database backup management

Monitoring of all maintenance jobs and tasks

Monitoring and reporting of database errors

Check for adequate disk space for growing files

Monitor all SQL Server services

Resolve any assigned issues and document the process

Monitor unused space from data and log files

HADR monitoring

Collection of database statistics and growth