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For many organisations, software licensing and management is a large component of their IT budget. With the constant demands on IT teams to do more with less – optimising licensing costs is an opportunity for organisations to reduce their bottom line.

MOQdigital’s Software Asset Management Assessments are designed to demystify Microsoft licensing and easily enable you to reclaim budget and maximise savings, whilst enabling you to accelerate your journey to the cloud.

Our Software Asset Management and Licensing Specialists will assist you to optimise spending, mitigate risk, and maximise the return on your software investments.

The workshop will create a bespoke project proposal, tailored to address your specific business challenges and requirements, whether it's a move to Azure, stop your 365 subscription costs spiralling, agreement true-up assistance, desktop modernisation, building user personas, or any project where your licensing requirements may change. Our Specialists will delve into your pain points and advise on how we can assist alleviate them.

To learn more about some of the Software Asset Management Assessments on offer, download our free brochure below. To undertake a free workshop, fill out the form below and one of our Specialists will be in touch to arrange a time.

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