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We’re living in a time of ever changing landscapes and as business and IT environments evolve, the threats that organisations face are evolving at an even faster rate. Cyber security is experiencing unprecedented growth in the last few years as hackers, malware, and phishing becomes even more sophisticated and difficult to detect, begging the question – is my organisation exposed?


MOQdigital has developed a Microsoft Secure Score Workshop, a free 60-minute engagement with one of our Security Specialists that aims to explore your current Microsoft environment and help you understand how you can advance and increase the posture of the security within your organisation.



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“A single incident could see vital information leaked”


Identify cyber security risks for your organisation

An MOQdigital Security Specialist will conduct a 60 minute engagement where they will sit with you to understand your current security deployments, existing risk, and then identify areas of improvement . We will also take you through the security capabilities and tools within your current M365 and O365 subscriptions, and how you can use these to improve your security posture.

Included in the workshop:

  • Conducted by a certified Microsoft Security specialist.
  • Presented in a format which allows flexibility in its approach to ensure that you and your organisation gets the most value from it.
  • Identifies areas where security can add quick value to your organisation
  • Helps understand the tools and configuration required to address current and evolving threats.
  • The format is flexible, tailored, and non-prescriptive to ensure your business gets the most value from the workshop.
  • Completely free assessment.

Book a Secure Score workshop


Book a Secure Score workshop

Book a Security Score workshop with our credentialed consultants to work out how to reduce your cyber risk.


Uncover Recommendations

Key recommendations from a Security Score workshop will provide insights into the potential risks, how to manage your cyber security, and how to reduce the influence of cyber threats.


Develop a Strategy

From there our credentialed consultants can develop a security strategy around your high risk and high sensitivity areas that aligns with your strategic direction.

Book a Secure Score workshop

Protect your sensitive patient information with a Secure Score workshop

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