Open Education Analytics Powered by Microsoft and MOQdigital

Open Education Analytics is a collaboration between education systems, partners and Microsoft dedicated to advancing education analytics to maximize learning outcomes.

OEA is constantly collaborating to develop end-to-end solutions to move the focus from building platforms and technology to delivering on customer needs - reducing the time to insight for customers while being underpinned by a robust, capable, and standards-based platform.

More education organisations are exploring the use of advanced analytics to deliver better insights.

This is often limited by:

  • Experience in the use of AI and Machine Learning Techniques
  • The concern around the potential cost and effort to get started
  • Privacy and compliance concerns


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Commence your journey with the next generation of education analytics.

How can MOQdigital, as a Microsoft OEA Advanced Partner, assist?

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  1. Explore the use cases with an education consultant and data experts.

  2. Review the education analytics service(s) in place and support the customer to determine the next steps.

  3. Use the Microsoft Fast Track service to deploy and enable the appropriate OEA services.

  4. Connect the OEA data pipelines into the schools/institutions’ source systems.

  5. Engage in short, focussed sprints where a use case is explored, modelled in OEA and delivered to the customer for their review.


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Open-Source global community focusing on improving time to insight for customers.

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Opportunity to reuse or modify existing visualisations and machine learning models from partners and educational users around the globe.

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Capable and standards-based education analytics environment with all the services that you need - deployed in days not weeks.

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Improve engagement and time with stakeholders in short sprints to deliver insights more quickly.

Why MOQdigital?

MOQdigital, as a leading partner, can deliver all the capabilities you need – from deploying and connecting the platforms, to engaging meaningfully on use cases requiring insight, through to developing/modifying data visualisations and AI models.

MOQdigital combines the education experience (with people who are educators), with the data and AI expertise to deliver great and valued outcomes for its customers