MOQdigital's Cloud Backup-As-A Service

It's time to move to the cloud, and MOQdigital is here to help


Are you tired of managing backups for virtual and physical servers and workstations?
Are you considering the move to the cloud?

Our Cloud Backup-as-a-Service has been designed to transform your organisation's cloud-to-cloud data backup solution for broadly adopted business applications including, Office 365, Google Apps, Salesforce and Box. Cloud Backup-as-a-Service will also assist your organisation to:

  • Reduce organisational risk.
  • Simplify data protection and recovery.
  • Enable-IT to refocus on business needs.

Want to learn more about our Cloud Backup-as-a-Service and how it can transform your data backup? Download our brochure below to learn how we guarantee your cloud backup is as efficient as possible.

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Don't risk accidental data loss with Cloud Services

Typically organisations expect Cloud technologies to provide integrated backup and recovery services. However, most Cloud solutions do not provide backup and recovery, and as a result, many businesses are at risk of data loss if the Cloud provider experiences a service outage or fault.
Almost all available on-premises backup solutions do not support Cloud Service integration, but those that do use on-premises infrastructure for data retention or require manual backup operations to be undertaken. The combination of these factors increases the risk of data loss, potential financial loss and reputation damage, and sometimes exposes organisations to compliance risk.

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