Trying to navigate Application Modernisation?

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Are you facing time pressures to move off existing infrastructure? 
Are you struggling to modernise a complex application? 

The pace of innovation is unabating and users are demanding more from the applications they depend on. Deciding on how to approach app modernisation can be confusing with multiple trade-offs to consider.

Your business priorities and constraints around cost, effort and technical capability will play a key part in selecting the most appropriate strategy for you.

MOQdigital can help you decide the best pathway to breathe new life into your apps by: 

  • Selecting the most appropriate cloud platforms and technologies to meet your needs 
  • Guiding you through the pros and cons to select the best app modernisation approach for your workload 
  • Helping you optimise your development processes to release new capabilities quickly and confidently 

MOQdigital’s free App Modernisation Assessment will help you make sense of the complexity and define a strategy that fits your needs. Fill out the form to secure your assessment today!

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What does the App Modernisation Assessment involve?

How we run the Assessment 

Our App Modernisation Assessment is free and runs over the course of a single day. You will participate in workshops to provide inputs about your business and your applications that will shape your path towards modernisation. 

What you receive 

MOQdigital will develop a report that defines strategies and recommendations for modernising your nominated application. 

The report includes an overview of migration approaches, specific recommendations for your application as well as a high-level potential architecture, approach and cost estimates. The report can contribute towards a business case for app modernisation, serve as a guide for planning modernisation approaches for other applications or provide the basis for starting your modernisation project.  Check out our Application Modernisation Brochure below for more details.

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