A Sustainable Future with MOQdigital

Does your organisation need to improve its sustainable practices? 

We can help you on your journey to reduce your carbon footprint. 

At MOQdigital we believe a greater commitment to sustainability is critical to the long-term well-being of the planet and the people that live on it and has become an important focus for the organisations we work with.

Recent surveys also indicate the majority of consumers and business partners want to engage with organisations that have a sustainability agenda, and that sustainability is in the top 10 concerns for CEOs for the first time.

We are working to help our clients understand and assess their carbon impact in a way that allows them to drive action and reduce their impact on the environment. The action begins with assessment, recording, and reporting, and then using that data to direct action in practical and impactful ways.

We believe technology plays an important role in transformation, and the positive impact of technology can be amplified by making sustainability solutions easily accessible and dynamic.

Data is a key element of this journey – and our heritage around data enables us to undertake the key activities to leverage the Microsoft platforms – identifying data sources, data model design, recording, metrics, quality, integration, transformation, and reporting.


Begin your Sustainability Journey Today!

Our Sustainable IT Maturity Assessment is an actionable way to get started on the journey and understand how MOQdigital can help you leverage the Microsoft sustainability solutions.

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Cloud for Sustainability

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Emissions Impact Dashboard

That’s why MOQdigital is working with Microsoft to leverage their sustainability platforms, including Cloud for Sustainability and the Emissions Impact Dashboards, to assess, record, and report their positions, so that they may then define actions to reduce, remove and reduce their carbon footprint.

MOQdigital is also applying around skills to enable those actions – from improving IT operational efficiency, enabling smart buildings and campuses, remote and hybrid work solutions, and application innovation to leverage the cloud to streamline processes.

At MOQdigital – we Unlock Potential Together – and we look forward to using technology to make a positive difference in our sustainability journey.