Transforming mining in a rapidly evolving market

Mining is taking a new path, where safety and sustainability are drawing increased focus. The industry is collectively working toward a redefined purpose to steward resources and make the world a better place for all as it strives towards a three pronged approach: Zero Harm, Zero Loss, Zero Waste.


Moreton Bay Regional Council

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Smart mining is a human-centric, data-driven process of extracting minerals, resources, and metals utilising a varied range of technology and planning solutions. It contains IT planning and logistics, detection of poisonous gases, extraction, and remote communication. The mining industry is rapidly embracing the adoption of smart mining due to the rise in automation, AI, and IoT solutions that lower cost pressures and overcome health and environmental concerns.

Overcoming Challenges

Overcoming Challenges

The mining sector is realising the importance of autonomous mines as they can be operated remotely, making them highly resilient to disruption, enhances safety, and increased productivity.

Driving Factors

Driving Factors

An Industrial IoT solution that uses data from sensors on equipment and assets to identify patterns that lead to failures, and uses machine learning to predict when maintenance is required with PowerBI visualisation dashboards.

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We are a trusted partner of a number of Mining, Utilities & Transport organisations, with proven experience in delivering an extensive range of managed ICT services and solutions.

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Our consulting skills and IT expertise helps us understand your challenges and design the best solution for you. Working together, we’ll explore ways to reduce IT service costs while increasing the business value of IT in your organisation.


Improve Efficiency

MOQdigital can help deploy solutions that help automate and prioritise actions, initiatives and resources. This can help your organization improve its efficiency and reduce the necessary time required to for your operations.

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Intelligent Innovation and Digital Transformation

MOQdigital can provide a robust business strategy, transformation and digital consulting to develop a organization that strives for consistent innovation while still maintaining sustainable practices.

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Automation Initiatives

Key to these initiatives is the implementation of artificial intelligence (AI), data analytics, computing and Internet of Things (IoT). Solutions like drones and wearables technologies are key enablers of digital transformation. They rely on key skills and on an updated and maintained network to ensure success in investment.