What’s new in Edu?

18 Dec 2019, MOQdigital


Copy of MOQDIGITAL NOVEMBER (14)The year is ending, and 2020 is upon us. So much happened in 2019, and technology has shaped Education in a big way. But, it is important to look ahead and see how the events of this year will develop what is to come in 2020. 

Learning with Digital

Microsoft has released several exciting Learning Tools and free resources that make classrooms more accessible and supportive for students. This includes updates in Microsoft Teams and Immersive readers, both of which help teachers ensure that they are delivering lessons that their entire classroom can enjoy, engage with, and evolve upon.

Other updates in the digital sphere include Grade Sync, an exciting new feature that teachers can use with PowerSchool to sync assignments and grades in an easy, innovative way. Updates like these help teachers track individual student progress, view weekly assignment activity, send summary emails for parents and guardians, and understand how their class as a whole is progressing. Not only does this ensure that classrooms are on track, but it also helps educators save valuable time and resources when it comes to assignments and grading. With less to juggle, they’re free to focus on what matters – enhancing educational outcomes.

Community in Education

Digital technologies have enabled better community engagement for educators. For example, Minecraft: Education Edition has helped link immersive worlds with NASA, the World Wildlife Fund, and other Microsoft partners in New Zealand. It paves the way for coding lessons for the Class of 2030 and gives students a way to engage with digital communities safely and responsibly.

Student connections are vital for student success too, and a Global Learning Connection through Microsoft has allowed students to meet virtually and listen to industry leaders as they discuss the future of digital technologies.

Looking Ahead

2019 has been full of exciting developments in digital. With so many new resources available, it can be challenging to decide which avenue is best for your campus. Don’t enter 2020 unprepared – contact MOQdigital to discuss your options, and discover how to make the most of your digital investments.