What is a Future Workplace?

04 Jul 2019, MOQdigital

Future Workplace

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For companies to succeed in today’s fast-changing marketplace, they must re-imagine how they work, empower users to be more productive, increase their teamwork and efficiency, and reduce the cost and complexity of their infrastructure. This evolution is what we call a Future Workplace; a company that is prepared to evolve to meet the needs of the current market, and operate with new agility to keep up with the ever-changing pace of a digital era.

Three key features define a future workplace:

  1. Productive Teams
    Teams are now being formed inside and outside of businesses, with information, insights, and knowledge being shared beyond traditional corporate borders. Companies need to redefine their sharing platforms to not only increase their productivity but also to ensure ongoing security.
  2. Anywhere, Anytime Work
    Improved connectivity is allowing users to work anywhere, anytime. Increased accessibility can help an organisation in a range of ways, and offers new avenues for growth, communication, collaboration, and success.
  3. Improved User Experiences
    Intelligent processes deliver remarkable user experiences in a digital era, helping companies perform new onboarding, improve security, streamline operations, innovate services, and so much more.

Getting Started
Many businesses know of the benefits of a Future Workplace, but lack the insight regarding where to start. This is not surprising as there are many places to start from – and every corporate journey is different. Here at MOQdigital, we focus on four steps:

  1. Cloud Calling: Cloud services like Cisco Webex Calling deliver full-stack, enterprise-grade cloud collaboration services that provide everything a business needs to communicate and operate in a modern marketplace.
  2. Teams: Webex Teams is another platform a modern company should consider as it provides a secure space for creation, sharing, and work. It can also be built on existing digital investments, and securely manages messaging, file sharing, calling, and video – successfully transforming projects across an organisation.
  3. Collaboration: Collaboration software is a cornerstone for a Future Workplace as it allows teams to be more productive. However, it is also vital to teach teams how to adopt this software and ensure they are accessing it with the correct authorisation.
  4. Connection: Cloud-based services help connect companies and their people, and ensuring that connection is appropriate is critical for efficient user experiences.

Your Journey
It doesn’t matter where a business is on its Digital Transformation journey; business leaders should be continually examining how they are moving forward – and working to adopt strategies and technologies that help them make the most of their digital investments.

Whether it is through The Cloud, the Internet of Things, Identity Access Management, Cyber Security, or more – the Future Workplace is here, and it is up to companies to keep up or face the consequences of falling behind.

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