Using Data Analytics to Optimise Teaching and Learning

05 May 2021, MOQdigital Education Team



Gathering information on engagement, academics and wellbeing can assist in the classroom by providing data on how students learn in real-time. This allows educators to adapt teaching styles and address student individual needs. Microsoft’s Insights for Education for Teams can help gather data about student's levels of fundamental knowledge, areas they are struggling with or excelling in (performance: formative and summative assessment and feedback), as well as wellbeing (attendance: log on history, work time, etc). Educators can then use these insights to tailor learning experiences and enquire about wellbeing to enhance student performance both inside and outside the classroom.

Through a comprehensive and data driven approach using Microsoft Azure and Power BI, schools can also collect data, empower stakeholders and identify trends. MOQdigital can create a proof of concept to  build dashboards using your school’s specific data, pulling information from your datasets to give you an all-in-one view of your institution’s performance. These dashboards are intuitive and secure and allow schools to view the information interactively and in real-time.

By adopting cloud-based predictive analytics with data visualisation,  education professionals can make informed decisions for intervention strategies from a holistic perspective. Storing this information in a Data Warehouse or DataMart allows schools to visualise data from multiple sources for a blended approach. The goal is to become independent, meaning schools are not tied to capabilities or limits of systems and applications, and bespoke  reports can easily be produced.

This level of data analysis allows schools to be able to go into advanced education analytics such as predictions, machine learning and estimates using data. Machine learning and Microsoft Power BI work together, harnessing high-quality data to produce predictions and visualise insights in clear reports which support stakeholders to make informed decisions. This also allows schools to help find and give estimates about what trends will impact learning and teaching. Finding patterns in the data from a holistic perspective, not just a system is the key to a school’s ability to receive the most value from the information gathered through data analytics.

MOQdigital has worked with many educational institutions in Australia over the past ten years, and has established an education analytics service which can provide data dashboards to meet your school's specific needs. We are proud to be recognised in the industry and within Microsoft as the go-to partner with specialist education experience and Microsoft platform enablement capability. Combined with the expertise of the MOQdigital’s BI & Analytics team, we have an educator focus and use contemporary practices to enhance learning outcomes, support decision making and predict student success in your school. Get in touch with an EDU Consultant today to learn more about how MOQdigitial can help use data to improve school and student performance.