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24 Oct 2019

The Health of Integrated Healthcare

All over the world, Integrated Healthcare is redefining how healthcare is delivered. Leading organisations in...

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12 Sep 2019

Cyber Security and Integrated Healthcare

Integrated healthcare is an amazing asset for healthcare organisations operating in a digital age. It...

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01 Aug 2019

Optimising Integrated Healthcare

Technology has changed the landscape of healthcare for the better, optimising integrated healthcare for...

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28 Mar 2019

Data Breaches and Integrated Healthcare

Digital transformation has brought many positive changes to the healthcare industry but has raised many...

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20 Dec 2018

Compliance and Integrated Health

The main focus of integrated healthcare is to deliver seamless and coordinated care for patients and...

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08 Feb 2018

Integrated Healthcare: Patient Lifecycles


The Patient Lifecycle can be understood as the journey of a patient from the time they enter an...

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17 Aug 2017

Using visual indicators to improve Aged Care

Visual indicators improve outcomes in health and aged care by providing clutter free, easily accessed data...

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