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24 Aug 2021

What Authentication Means in Identity Management

In Identity Management, authentication is the process of ensuring an individual using an Identity is the...

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23 Jul 2020

Benefits of a Modern Desktop Transformation

Does your workforceoperateremotelyand need devicesmanaged?

Traditional approaches to managing, delivering...

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18 Feb 2020

Business Transformation and Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Many organisations embark on transformation journeys with a shift in technology as a key reason. Often, they...

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05 Feb 2020

What's the difference between App-oriented and Device security?

As far as information security is concerned, there are multiple layers which can be exploited. The lower...

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03 Oct 2019

Worries about a Future Workplace

Many business leaders have worries about a Future Workplace. With digital trends shaping how companies are...

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05 Sep 2019

Skype for Business Online is going into retirement

Skype for Business Online (SfBO) has been a valuable tool for many businesses in Australia since April 2015. ...

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04 Jul 2019

What is a Future Workplace?

For companies to succeed in today’s fast-changing marketplace, they must re-imagine how they work, empower...

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30 May 2019

Are you prepared for Digital Disruption?

Digital disruption is the change that occurs when new digital technologies affect a business. However, the...

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