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17 Aug 2021

Identity Lifecycle Management: An Overview

Identity lifecycle management refers to the process of managing user identities and evolving access...

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07 Jul 2021

Building SaaS Backup: What Matters?

In the IT industry, some companies attach themselves to the term ‘Cloud’ to explain their value to customers,...

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28 Jul 2020

Securing Business Data, even when staff are using their own devices

As a result of COVID-19 a significant percentage of the workforce is now working from home. 

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05 Feb 2020

What's the difference between App-oriented and Device security?

As far as information security is concerned, there are multiple layers which can be exploited. The lower...

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18 Oct 2018

End User Adoption Strategies

Creating an End User Experience which is simple to use, highly adaptable to change, secure, and productive...

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