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23 Oct 2019

Emerging Digital Trends for Schools

Education is evolving quickly, and emerging digital trends for schools are shaping how teachers enhance...

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16 Oct 2019

Microsoft Education and Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has significant benefits when it comes to helping educators solve some of the...

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25 Sep 2019

Microsoft Teams Assignments for Better Education

Microsoft Assignment Teams can be used for better educational outcomes in schools around the world. Built on...

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11 Sep 2019

The Influence of AI on K12 Classrooms

The influence of technology on schools is significant, but the influence of AI on K12 Classrooms is just as...

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04 Sep 2019

Digital Technology and Mental Health

When it comes to education, learning is key. However, schools need to consider the relationship between...

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14 Aug 2019

Digital Transformation Trends in Education

 Digital Transformation Trends in Education have shaped school landscapes dramatically, affecting teachers,...

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07 Aug 2019

The Problem with Innovation and Education

Innovation is exciting, and it is doing a lot for schools around the world. However, there is a big problem...

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24 Jul 2019

Power your School with Smart Energy

Operations in education involve more than simply keeping the lights on, and it can be challenging to manage...

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