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22 Jun 2021

Is it Time to Modernise Your Data Estate?

Data Platform Modernisation

In today’s world, data is the lifeblood of many organisations. Often,...

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11 May 2021

Nutanix ERA 2.0: One-click Database Operations

Traditional database operations are often complex affairs. Engineers typically leverage multiple solutions...

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19 Apr 2021

What is Data Modernisation?

Data modernisation is the process of moving siloed data from legacy databases to modern cloud-based databases...

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02 Dec 2020

Azure Synapse Analytics – Streamline your Data Management

Azure Synapse Analytics is often an integral component of any modern data warehouse.  Formerly known as SQL...

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24 Sep 2020

Information Management: Executive Ownership

The profile of cyber security and information management has been raised greatly over the last decade, in...

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28 Jul 2020

Securing Business Data, even when staff are using their own devices

As a result of COVID-19 a significant percentage of the workforce is now working from home. 

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