The Health of Integrated Healthcare

24 Oct 2019, MOQdigital

Health & Aged Care

MOQDIGITAL September (new size) (28)All over the world, Integrated Healthcare is redefining how healthcare is delivered. Leading organisations in health and wellbeing have leant into digital technologies, and others are quickly following suit. It appears that Integrated Health is fast becoming the standard for practitioners and patients alike. The change is impacting modern health around the globe, and the health of integrated healthcare continues to go from strength to strength as digital technology progresses. 

Microsoft Solutions

 However, evolution can be complex. Microsoft has been helping health organisations navigate their Digital Transformations with great success, and is developing more personalised and transparent services to empower modern patient and practitioner experiences. These experiences aim to optimise integrated healthcare by improving patient engagement and satisfaction. This leads to more successful treatments as well as enhanced insights and services for healthcare professionals. 

Microsoft technologies and partnerships are also helping empower care for clinical and operational outcomes, with the focus on keeping security high and ensuring patient privacy is well maintained. This includes delivering: 

  • Microsoft 365 solutions for healthcare organisations to enable improved, secure communication and collaboration across team networks. 

  • Microsoft Healthcare Bots to help organisations create and deliver AI-powered, compliant virtual assistants for a variety of health experiences. 

  • Azure API for FHIR* as a tool to help healthcare providers secure and share data in the Cloud. This service provides improved communication between health systems and data – known as interoperability. It means that health records can be connected to collaboration tools, pharmacy systems, wearable devices, and more in a seamless manner. The aim is to improve insights for patients and physicians, which, in turn, improves how care is delivered. 

Tools like these serve to empower health organisations and enable them to improve communication and collaboration – be it within their teams, with patients, and with other practitioners. 

 The Core of Healthcare

At its heart, integrated healthcare is people-centric. Physicians, nurses, clinicians, pharmacists, and patients all drive how solutions are created and delivered. People are also the defining feature of the health of integrated healthcare. This is because services need to be user-friendly and secure – capable of protecting personal data, while also delivering experiences that are agile, accessible, and capable of keeping up with the demands of a digital age. The Cloud and AI technologies are driving the service forward, and improving healthcare is focused on enabling and empowering the services that people deliver and receive.  

Breakthroughs in science and technology are continually evolving how healthcare is delivered too. This is not a single effort, however. The ambition should always be to provide solutions that work – and that will continue to work well into the future. This means enabling technologies that can be built upon and building infrastructure that can be evolved with technology. It also means ensuring solutions are user-friendly, and that organisations focus on delivering better care, rather than following whatever is on-trend. 

 To find out more about the health of integrated healthcare in your business – contact MOQdigital today. Our team can help ensure that you are making the most of your digital investments and that your infrastructure is capable of thriving in 2019 and beyond.