The Future of SaaS

05 Jun 2020, MOQdigital

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12 years ago, the idea of Software as a Service (SaaS) and the use of Cloud-based applications were hardly thought about by most businesses. In fact, only around 12% of businesses were using the Cloud for their operations and workflows. Today however, SaaS has become a cornerstone of organisations, empowering them and helping them achieve more in their business. In fact, 89% of businesses worldwide are using the Cloud in at least part of their business. As much as SaaS has changed in the last decade, it can only continue to evolve over the next few years, a process likely to be accelerated by world events, such as COVID-19.

Here at MOQdigital, we like to consider ourselves technology enablers. Cameron Reeves, a Solution Architect in our Converged Communications and Security practice, is a large proponent of this view. “We make things that help other people make things happen, making it more efficient for people to collaborate, communicate, learn, and be productive.” In line with this view, we’d like to share a few of our predictions on how SaaS is going to evolve in the future to help you with your business.

The Cloud is the Kingdom

Gone are the days where a Business’ Data was only available while physically present at an office or campus. Today’s industries require businesses be able to access their data from a variety of locations, including when operating in a mobile context. More and more businesses are transitioning their critical (cannot afford downtime) apps and resources from on-site networks to the public cloud using platforms like Microsoft SharePoint or Teams. Most of them find working from the Cloud provides more flexibility and efficiency in their operations. This trend has been anything but gradual over the last 3 months due to COVID-19. Given the success most businesses have seen making this transition, we predict the surge of conversions to the Cloud to continue throughout 2020.

Mobility is King

The average consumer stares at their smartphones for over 120 hours a month according to a 2019 CNBC report. However, that number has sharply increased during COVID-19, and is unlikely to drop post-pandemic. These numbers are a stark reflection of the current environment; we are now more reliant than ever on our remote and Cloud access capabilities to perform our work functions. With more consumers (and business owners by extension) increasing their reliance on smartphones, we believe SaaS solutions in the future will be geared towards the creation and improving of mobile apps for business operations, with this trend continuing to evolve well beyond 2020.

Security is the Key

If the Cloud is the Kingdom, and mobility is King, then security is the proverbial “Key to the Kingdom.” As the evolving SaaS market increases its demand for mobile-friendly developments, so too will the demand for adequate security measures increase. Where previously, a majority of businesses relied on physical servers accessible only via intranet or physically secured on-site networks, a mobile landscape of accessing data via the cloud, home or public Wi-Fi networks increases the risk of Data (sensitive or otherwise) falling into the wrong hands. We predict the demand for cutting-edge security solutions which integrate with SaaS to increase in the coming years as we adapt to a new mobile-dominant paradigm.

The Kingdom, the King, and the Key. On their own, these three paradigms already propel the SaaS landscape towards new frontiers. Together however, they change how we should approach SaaS; it is no longer a question of if, but when the next transformation will occur and how the convergence of these solutions further enhances how businesses and their users operate.

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