The Demand for Windows Virtual Desktop and Remote Workforces

04 Mar 2021, MOQdigital

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Over the last year, organisations have been challenged to find secure remote working solutions for their employees and contractors. In recent months, the Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) service has become an increasingly popular choice for employers to ensure their employees can work effectively from any location, on any device. The Microsoft Azure-enabled WVD service is a particularly attractive offering for businesses for multiple reasons, such as: 

  • Allowing employees to access business applications from any geographic location and any browser-enabled device 
  • Providing secure access to applications through a full Windows 10 Desktop experience 
  • Optimised for Office 365 applications and services, including OneDrive for Business 
  • Offering centralised management through the Azure portal 


WVD is underpinned by the security and performance of Azure, combining with customer specific configurations in Microsoft 365 Security and Compliance services, Intune, Active Directory Group Policies and Local Security policies. Leveraging a remote desktop (or application) solution, employers can provide secure remote access to their employees, vendors or partners without worrying about exposing the internal network to devices that are not managed by their company. 

Benefits of using Windows Virtual Desktop 

The benefits of using WVD are vast, ranging from cost savings to increased digital security. However, not every organisation needs to use WVD. The key consideration is whether there are internal or external users who could benefit significantly from the use of WVD and if the use of Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) can be tied to specific pain points or business benefits. The main reasons that organisations implement a WVD solution are that this service: 

  • Facilitates workforce flexibility 
  • Drives efficiency 
  • Is highly scalable 
  • Is cost-effective 

Using WVD provides IT with reassurance that as a DaaS solution it can quickly scale to meet business demands without concern of datacenter hardware capacity, can be redeployed using automation tools in no time and can be recovered to a secondary region for JIT disaster recovery.  

Where is WVD appropriate for use? 

Deploying a WVD solution fits the needs of a large range of organisations, and is suitable for office workers, contract staff, and remote staff alike. WVD is highly recommended for organisations and sectors that prioritise data protection, legislation, regulation, and compliance. The versatility of a WVD solution means it can be used in a variety of situations, from enabling access between two merging businesses to providing short-term employees with access to company systems without the need for a managed device.  

Considerations for WVD use 

If your organisation needs a WVD solution or would like to learn more about how your organisation can benefit from a remote working model, MOQdigital can assist you in kickstarting your journey by offering a free Remote Working Assessment. To book one, register your interest here.