The Common Security Challenge

11 Feb 2021, MOQdigital

Business Insights, Cyber Security, Microsoft, Microsoft 365

For many organisations, balancing the benefits of a cloud environment with the complexities associated with security, risk mitigation and productivity has been a tricky affair.

A typical environment will encompass multiple vendors, selected over a period of many years for specific features and capabilities, and to meet the point in time challenge, budget or security issue faced by an organisation.

This patchwork approach can lead to budget planning difficulties, increases the risk of out-of-date systems, and will produce an overall reduction in the ability to operate, maintain and administer the overall environment effectively and efficiently. This is contradictory to the enhancements which security can provide to a modern and agile environment which is constantly challenged by the recent pandemic, users ability to maintain productivity, and an ever-changing landscape of policies and standards.

Taking Control of your IT Security

Controlling your IT security costs, reducing administration overhead, increasing agility, and ultimately maintaining and growing your security posture can be improved by combining point products and solutions under the umbrella of fewer vendors. Optimisation must consider the specific security needs of your business, and that the areas of heightened risk are protected with products commensurate in their capabilities.

Similar decisions have been made when choosing hardware vendors, operating systems, and applications – less variation results in reduced admin overhead, increased integration, better productivity within users and optimised business processes. Bespoke requirements introduce exceptions on an as-needed basis.

When considering security capabilities, enhancing Microsoft 365 applications with Microsoft 365 Security provides similar benefits.

How Microsoft 365 Improves Security

Building on Microsoft 365 productivity with integrated Microsoft security solutions brings together functionality and security into a single environment. Security solutions are built and tested on the same platform used by the user, enhancing the user experience whilst reducing the administration complexity and integration challenges. This enables organisations to improve their security posture using built-in capabilities whilst leveraging Microsoft’s extensive security operations powered by the collection of trillions of signals each day which are used to optimise and protect their users from attack.

Microsoft 365 Security License Benefits

With a Microsoft 365 E5 License, you have access to a wealth of tools, visibility and capabilities, including:

  • Advanced Identity Protection – integrate user and sign-in intelligence with risk-based access and vulnerability detection.
  • Privileged Identity Protection – manage and control access to the systems in your organisation which require additional log in protection.
  • Cloud App Security - offering you visibility and control of data and apps used within your environment
  • Azure Advanced Threat Protection – Monitor threats to the directory structure and the associated identities within your organisation
  • Microsoft Defender for Endpoint – Gives you enhanced control and detailed analytics and forensics on endpoint attacks
  • Information Protection – Allows you to classify, monitor and protect information within your environment
  • Compliance – Ensure that your organisation identifies and reviews the necessary policies required by your industry, and measure your environment for compliance

This list provides an overview of areas covered within the M365 E5 license subscriptions, and which is constantly being developed and enhanced by Microsoft. The wealth of insights your organisation can leverage when these products connect with each other is immense, and we encourage you to connect with our Solution Specialists to discuss these or other security requirements your organisation has, and how you can turn your unpredictable costs into an overall solution which meets your current requirements and provides an avenue to ongoing improvement and capabilities.

Take a moment to reflect on your organisation’s current cybersecurity environment. Are you currently engaging multiple vendors to ensure you are adequately protected against risk? Do these multiple vendors provide disjointed solutions that do not communicate with each other and increase the complexity of your environment? Could you consolidate your environment down to a simpler licensing model and still maintain the same cybersecurity capability? These are the questions that MOQdigital can help you answer. With our Microsoft Gold Security Competencies, our Cybersecurity Specialists combine our deep Microsoft knowledge with other industry knowledge, combined with decades of experience to help you secure your environments. To that end, we offer both Secure Score workshops and Security Assessments to help you understand your vulnerabilities lie and how we can help. If you would like to learn more, please contact us here.

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