The Benefits of Outsourcing

11 Sep 2018, MOQdigital Marketing

Service First

Outsourcing BenefitsOutsourcing IT with Managed Services allows companies to focus on what matters. A service that has existed for years managed service solutions - especially those in operational IT are gaining traction in business, with many recognising the value of outsourced IT for a digitally driven marketplace. In fact, companies the world over are turning to managed services to help them overcome the increasing complexities associated with the cloud, identity, and cybersecurity. There is more data than ever before in the market, more vulnerabilities, and more complications that can trip businesses on their path to success. Many companies are spending so much time and money building infrastructure, training staff, and managing their services, that they are losing focus on what matters; their long and short-term strategies. By going it alone, they may even miss significant components associated with success in IT, including changes in compliance that could see them facing fines of over $2m, and updates to services that could streamline and improve their workloads. Operational IT services aim to help companies, working to: 

  • Reduce costs: Outsourcing gives companies the ability to predict IT costs, allowing companies to budget effectively and pay for what they need when they need it. They can also reduce their internal labour costs as they no longer have to hire and train specialised IT staff.
  • Access skills: Managed Service providers deliver qualified, certified IT teams that are capable of building and maintaining their IT needs.
  • Increase internal efficiency and productivity: Allowing employees to hone their focus on the company’s goals and strategies.
  • Reduce downtime: Managed service solutions help keep companies operational, reducing the downtime related to IT issues while also performing proactive maintenance on corporate infrastructure to ensure that systems stay up-to-date.
  • Improve implementation: By providing companies with the resources to start new projects immediately rather than have to wait to develop the systems and strategies that might otherwise be required.
  • Reduce risks: Managed services help businesses maintain compliance and governance regulations, as well as providing specific industry knowledge to help increase security across the board.
  • Recovery: In the event of a data breach or natural disaster, a managed service provider can help get a business up and running faster than before. A tailored backup and recovery plan could ensure the ongoing protection of sensitive data and help deliver strategies to be enforced in the event of a disaster.

However, the primary benefit of Outsourced IT Managed Services is the ability to stay focused on core business functions. Businesses have limited resources, with even the largest corporations are looking to streamline how they spend their time and money and obtain more effective, efficient business operations. Managed Services take up the tasks that distract from growth and success, managing the burden associated with increased digital complexity and helping companies focus on what matters.

MOQdigital provides an outside-in approach to Operational IT services, working with businesses to help them overcome the challenges associated with a digital environment. Our Service First approach puts the customer’s needs first, and utilises managed end-user cloud, IT infrastructure, and security and response services to help you make the most out of your digital investments. Get in touch today to find out more.