The Benefit of Outsourcing for Modern Business

14 Mar 2019, MOQdigital Marketing

Service First

Copy of MOQdigital Jan - Mar II (13)As recently as a decade ago, marketing was much slower and much simpler to manage. Man companies focused their attention on print and broadcast media, and the data returned from their campaigns were obtained through focus groups and other sales research. However, we now live in a significantly more saturated digital world. Data, devices, and expectations are everywhere – and it can be challenging for a company to manage. The scope, speed, budget, data, and way an audience engage with marketing has changed. Everything is faster, more accessible, and more reliable than ever before; and if a business cannot keep up, they will lose their footing in a modern market.
Many think the best way to address this issue is to employ a more active marketing team. Bigger marketing department, better business, right? Not so much. Business leaders need to think smarter to maintain their place with an era of smart devices. Successful companies are actually keeping their marketing departments small and focusing on outsourcing to keep them ahead of the game. Why is this? There are three primary reasons:

  1. Specialisations: Marketing consultants are not all-in-one specialists, often offering talents across a few focused specialities. However, the marketing required for success today needs a far more varied approach – especially since media, technology, and data insights are ever evolving. Companies need teams who can not only help them gather the right data but help them interpret it beneficially. By utilising an outsourced specialist, business leaders can create best-in-class marketing campaigns that they can budget efficiently, track effectively, and leverage for future success. This also frees their internal marketing team up, allowing them to focus on direct deliverables rather than have them chasing the next big thing or trying to work out every little shift in their data. Instead, they have this information at their fingertips and can use it to its full potential.

  2. Outside In: An outside set of eyes and hands can lend new experiences and insights that many companies may otherwise not encounter. They also utilise a holistic approach, working with a company as required on specific goals, and not merely because they are there. An outsourced marketing team is present to help build better business for a company and enable unique opportunities for business leaders to engage with people from different backgrounds and industries to deliver solutions that they may have never previously considered.

  3. Cost: Because Outsourcing occurs on an as-needed basis, business leaders can budget how they use the service appropriately. They have a team on call when they need them, who are capable of working with their campaigns and services, providing insight and opportunity to enable success in a digitally driven market. They can be brought on board at the peak of a cycle, and scheduled so that marketing solutions run effectively regardless of who is in-house at the time.

Outsourcing can bring many benefits for modern business, elevating how companies interact with modern consumers in a data-saturated market. They allow for faster, more agile, more efficient solutions that create better results for a digital age.

Here at MOQdigital, we provide an outside-in approach to Operational IT services. We help companies overcome the challenges associated with supporting a digital environment, and put you and your business first. Find out more by contacting us today.