TETRAN CEO’s Statement on Montech Holdings Acquisition

22 Mar 2016, MOQdigital Marketing


Delivering on its growth promise, TETRAN has entered into an agreement to be acquired by Montech Holdings Ltd (ASX:MOQ), an ASX listed IT solutions and services provider. 

This is an exciting milestone and we are thrilled with the opportunity that Montech and its board have presented to us. The blend of culture, leadership, people and customers across the organisations will fuel continued growth. This joining together brings significant complementary value to both TETRAN and MOQdigital (Montech’s trading entity), enabling the opportunity to provide outstanding services to our existing and new customers efficiently and cost effectively.
This is a very unique coming together of great companies. This initiative puts us at the forefront of companies that are innovative and positions us well to take advantage of the emerging changes in IT.

TETRAN will continue to operate as usual under the same management structure and the usual faces. However, with access to broader skillsets and greater resources, we are now better placed to cater for continued growth. Our challenge is to preserve what is ‘good’ in our quest for growth and deliver the value of these initiatives to customers.

Thank you for your dedication and contributions to date. Together with the Montech Chairman Mr David Shein and CEO Ms Nicki Page, I look forward to the next phase in building an exceptional technology company.

If you require any clarification or would like to discuss any aspect of these growth initiatives, I am only a phone call away. Please reach out to me on +61 413 098 229 or drop me an email on

Don Francis
Chief Executive Officer
TETRAN Pty Limited