Supporting 100 remote working offices. Are you set up to succeed?

31 Jul 2020, MOQdigital

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We are now more than halfway through the year, and over the last 6 months, the workforce has had to change drastically, to adapt to the new work landscape. While a significant portion of staff are now working from home, for many of these staff, their IT requirements remain the same. This places more pressure on your enterprise’s IT team; where they likely had to manage 100 users in one physical office space, they now need to manage 100 remote working offices with one user each. Aidan Whitehouse, Operational Services Lead at MOQdigital, shares with us some challenges such a situation can have and the potential solutions to it.  


Decentralised IT requirements 

In a traditional office space, the IT team are static. They stay at a service desk, and engineers could simply walk over to the user or equipment in question to assess and resolve issues. With many businesses now having their staff operating out of personal ‘remote offices’, engineers don’t have the capacity to visit 100 different sites on a regular basis to maintain equipment and provide a personalised service. Regardless of the technologies deployed to address this shift, there is a cultural and service perspective to take into account when transitioning to providing remote support. There are several questions that should be asked in such a situation:  

  • How do you onboard and orientate new staff into such an environment? – For a Global Audit, Tax and Advisory firm we automated aspects of onboarding in collaboration with their HR team alongside deploying Modern Desktop technology enabling an ‘Out of the Box’ onboarding service for end users 
  • Do you need to maintain a full IT team on-site to support your users, maintain your servers and networks?  For a National Aged Care Provider, we have provided an extension of services from Business hours to 24x7 along with deep technical expertise on a range of technologies, all delivered remotely 
  • Do you have a robust ticketing system to log and prioritise IT support tasks? – Leveraging MOQdigital’s robust ticketing system and service desk processes was key to the delivery for a multi-state Education customer with 25,000+ students and staff learning and teaching from home this year  
  • With flexible work hours, is the expectation of service support 24/7 and is there a simple process to request support? Although it doesn’t seem critical, help with a password reset at 11pm can be the difference between a board presentation being ready or not. MOQdigital have helped a wide range of customers keep working around the clock with after-hours cases increasing with home office ‘flexible’ hours over the course of this year 
  • Do you have a Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) tool in order to both remote control and manage your device fleet? It’s a standard requirement that we enable remote management of our customer’s devices so that they can be updated or accessed from anywhere. Whether it be via a traditional RMM tool or a Modern Desktop Intune deployment it’s key that when somebody calls for support a trained engineer can take control and ‘virtually’ walk through the resolution steps remotely.  



Regardless of how you answered the above questions, MOQdigital possesses the experience and expertise to provide tailored assistance in order to help you manage your services and support you in achieving your business outcomes. Our services range from providing part time field services for scheduled or urgent onsite needs, setting up new users, or providing hands and feet for networking needs. We also provide a full suite of managed services with a dedicated 24/7 service desk and an enterprise grade RMM tool. As we have been relentlessly focused on delivering high quality remote services for over a decade, we can help you assess your service needs and recommend a tailored solution to suit your business. If you would like to learn more about our Managed Services capabilities, please don’t hesitate to contact us here 


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