Structuring IT Departments for Value and Growth

08 Dec 2020, MOQdigital

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Many organisations today have an ecosystem that includes an internal IT team that maintains and operates their technology infrastructure to optimise and meet organisational goals. This IT team is critical to an organisation’s health. A well organised and structured IT team can streamline technology investments and promote its overall growth. A poorly set up IT team will Impact your business with inefficiencies.  

Therefore, setting up your IT Department in a structure that most suits your organisation is critical for its success. Here are some factors to consider when structuring or making changes to your team. 

Resource Allocation 

Regardless of your deliverables and business objectives, an internal IT team is normally responsible for a few key basic functions: 

  • End User Support – Assisting either internal or external end users with varying issues from password resets to deployment of hardware.  
  • Cybersecurity – Securing and protecting business data from malicious attacks or breaches.  
  • Information Management – Ensuring that information is appropriately shared within the organisation with end users who possess the appropriate credentials.  
  • Systems Administration  Managing the servers, software, and hardware. 
  • Network Administration – Managing your internal networks. 

While IT departments can also be responsible for other functions, these usually form the backbone of any organisation. When structuring your IT team and allocating resources to the various required functions, these should be given priority.  


As your organisation grows and evolves, so too must your IT team to effectively support your goals. It is important for executives to define new sub-departments or teams within the overarching IT department to solve issues that may arise due to an organisation growing beyond what the previous structure can support. These new teams will need resources to be allocated within the new structure of the IT department to ensure that the teams are able to continue working effectively. It is important to remember that the IT department and its structure should adapt and evolve to meet the needs of the enterprise, and not the other way around. 

Consider Outsourced Resources 

With so many skillsets required, some organisations, especially SMEs, may struggle to field a fully capable internal IT department as certain niche skillsets may be required. These may be resources that you do not have currently. In these instances, organisations should consider outsourcing some of their IT functions to businesses like MOQdigital, who specialise in IT as a service (ITaaS). Being able to fund a resource in a full-time capacity for a specialised service can be tough. Outsourcing some niche services can alleviate these pain points and  helps keep your IT budget at manageable levels. It also allows you to utilise your partners expertise and experience.  

This is where MOQdigital excels. Our talented team brings value to your enterprise by delivering services with key technical skills across a wide range of domains and technologies.  

Our Managed Services Team can tailor and implement 24x7 services both remotely and on-site to suit your enterprise, whether you need a broad base of solutions or are looking for specific technologies. Our services model is designed to help supplement and extend your capabilities depending on your needs.  You can consume as little or as much as you need to compliment your current infrastructure. We can collaborate and work as an extension of your own IT department, providing additional support for your team.  

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