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24 Nov 2020, MOQdigital

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In our current society, spam emails are nothing more than unwanted content and nuisances to the operation of a business. However harmless they can seem, if left unchecked, these spam messages often hide more malicious threats. Malicious code, trojan horses and viruses are just a small part of the many threats that pose threats not just to your email servers, but could potentially cripple your network and operations. Over the last few years, spam email tactics have continued to evolve, progressing to seeding spyware, malware and ransomware into messages and their attachments, making them volatile to any company’s data and financial security. Often, these emails are so cleverly disguised that it can be hard to differentiate what’s real and what’s spam. Thankfully, MOQdigital is here to offer security solutions that help reduce your company’s exposure, mitigate this risk and simultaneously improve the user experience. One of the more helpful solutions to combat the risks with spam emails is Microsoft’s Exchange Online Protection.

Exchange Online Protection – A shield against spam

Exchange Online Protection (EOP) is a Cloud-based email filtering service that provides your organisation with anti-spam and anti-malware capabilities, and includes features to safeguard your organisation from data and messaging policy violations. EOP separates itself from other solutions of the same function as it also simplifies the management of your messaging environment and alleviates many of the burdens that come with maintaining on-premises hardware and software.
One of EOP’s core capabilities is its huge catalogue of customisations; it can be adapted and deployed to your organisation's specific needs. Whether you need a Cloud-only solution, protection for your physical servers or both in a hybrid deployment, EOP can be adapted to provide you with a comprehensive level of protection from spam and malicious emails. This modularity means your EOP solution can be both cost-effective and comprehensive.

MOQdigital is here to help

Leaving your organisations email system unorganised and unprotected is no longer an option. To that end, MOQdigital can help you understand your organisation’s wider security requirements and assist with the setup, deployment and management of your EOP solution. To begin, MOQdigital offers Compliance workshops and Security Assessments to help you understand where your security vulnerabilities lie, after which MOQdigital can use that information to tailor and configure an EOP solution that is best fitted to your organisational needs. We understand many customers have EOP deployed today and with the ever changing threat landscape it is a solution that should be reviewed periodically. Contact us today if you are thinking of switching to EOP or already have EOP deployed and want a check-up. 


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