Smart Wearables for Safety Management

20 Jun 2017, MOQdigital Marketing

Internet of Things

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The Internet of Things allows businesses to connect and integrate better than ever before. By connecting device and location-based data in a portal, we are offered unprecedented access and visibility to our corporate functions, and our associates’ success.  

Centralised connections

Device and location-based data allow a business to understand better how their high-value assets are operating in remote locations. What this does is enable improved visibility, safety, and accountability across departments and within management and work teams. The Internet of Things is changing and challenging how businesses operate all over the world. MOQdigital solutions, and products like MySherpa, see more than just technology connected with a corporation. We see assets and employees connected too – enhancing the work environment, improving safety, and raising accountability. This can be done by utilising pre-existing technology, such as smartwatches and fitness monitoring devices, through a portal and interpreting the data.

Reduce costs, improve insights
These advancements in technology open a range of opportunities for business operations and growth by providing a means of superior two-way service between a centralised data hub and devices and sensors providing input. With real-time data on asset location, use, and performance, a company can reduce costs, improve morale, and better their business. These advancements allow for corporations to:

  • Improve the safety of an individual or delegation on a trip
  • Provide two-way messaging with panic buttons and buddy systems
  • Access mission control for high-value assets
  • View real-time mapping and correspondence, including Geo-Fencing
  • Understand health insights and workplace activity/movements
  • Offer a centralised management hub for employees and assets
  • Provide a means of proactive planning
  • Keep companies two steps ahead

Supporting your IoT journey
Combining smart IoT wearables and data portals like MySherpa allows IT leaders and business experts a means by which to monitor, manage, and scale their operations. Mobile data is changing how we engage with business. With constant changes to the IoT landscape, navigating systems and solutions require a depth of design approach and understanding. 

MOQdigital specialists can provide businesses with the insight and innovation around IoT smart wearables to improve their business. As leaders in our field, and experts in providing personalised support, we can help you get most from your journey to using IoT for your company and team. Get in touch to find out more.