5 Reasons Why Microsoft Sentinel Is Essential For NFPs

19 Jan 2022, MOQdigital

Cyber Security

AdobeStock_430052288 (edited)As technology becomes increasingly more sophisticated, so too are cyber criminals becoming smarter in how they conduct cyber attacks. That's why it's never been more important to ensure that you have all the tools and solutions you need to ensure the cyber and identity security measures of your not-for-profit (NFP) organisation are up to scratch. 

Enter: Microsoft Sentinel, the security solution powered by Microsoft’s premier threat-detecting AI. 

Microsoft Sentinel is a cloud-native, security information event management (SIEM) and security orchestration automated response (SOAR) solution. It’s designed from the ground-up to provide you with intelligent security analytics and threat intelligence across your entire organisation, providing a single solution for alert detection, threat visibility, pro-active threat hunting and threat response. 

In other words, it’s your all-in-one security tool that, since it was natively developed for the cloud-based Microsoft Azure ecosystem, has limitless scalability opportunities. 

Intrigued? Here’s our take on the five reasons why Microsoft Sentinel is an essential cyber and identity security solution for not-for-profit (NFP) organisations like yours. 

1. It Gives You Greater Security Visibility 

Microsoft Sentinel provides you with a birds-eye view across your entire business or organisation, allowing you to manage the cyber and identity security measures you currently have in place from one central location. 

It does this by gathering security event information from across your entire organisation, and all the devices contained wherein, before collating it into a single pane-of-glass. Microsoft Sentinel then utilises the power of AI, which is based off Microsoft’s years of experience helping organisations like yours protect themselves from cyber security threats, to identify which events in your network could be indicators of an attack from a digital ne’er-do-weller.  

By giving you crystal-clear visibility over your entire organisation, Microsoft Sentinel places you in the perfect position to prevent and respond to any cyber security threats that may come your way. That means greater protection against increasingly sophisticated cyber security attacks and more time to focus on doing what you do best without having to worry about your cyber and identity security solutions. 

2. It Reduces The Risk Of Cyber Attacks 

We mentioned it before, but Microsoft Sentinel collects data from across your entire organisational network. This means that if there’s any hint of suspicious activity anywhere in your organisation, whether as the result of an external threat or through the risky behaviour of your organisational users, Sentinel is the first to find it. 

From here, Sentinel then organises what other security solutions might identify as isolated incidents into collective security events that lead back to specific identity or cyber security breaches in your network. By identifying the root cause of a cyber security attack, instead of just giving you the tools to respond to one when it occurs, Microsoft Sentinel helps add an extra layer of security to your organisation. It also positions your team in a way that allows them to respond quicky and efficiently to any threat that may arise, which minimises the negative consequences you may experience as the result of a successful security breach. 

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3. It Allows You To Respond To Incidents Rapidly 

If your organisation has been affected by a cyber or identity security attack, the sooner you know about said attack the better. Microsoft Sentinel helps your IT team to identify and respond to any possible breaches as quickly as possible by alerting them that a security event it’s detected may require an investigation. This allows your team to focus specifically on the problem area identified and quickly and efficiently implement your organisation’s incident response plan, rather than having to waste time identifying where the cyber attack may have occurred in the first place. 

Microsoft Sentinel also supports the automation of common tasks and threat responses across your network, with the solution providing a number of pre-built automations and custom playbooks to streamline repetitive tasks. This means that in some cases your team may not even have to respond at all, as your Microsoft Sentinel set-up responds to potential threats automatically.  

It’s in this way that Microsoft Sentinel can help your already-stretched budget go a little bit farther when it comes to protecting your organisation from identity and cyber security attacks. 

4. It Minimises False Positives 

Sentinel is power by Microsoft’s years of experience and innovation in the cyber security sphere, making the threat detection capabilities of its AI one of the most refined in the industry. It's exactly this AI that helps you to hone in on which anomalies in your network may be real cyber security threats and which are false positives. 

In order to help you minimise the number of alerts your IT team has to review and investigate, Microsoft Sentinel uses the insights of its AI to collate multiple alerts into a single incident. This results in the identification of a single potential threat that you can then investigate and solve, rather than being bogged down investigating countless separate alerts across your IT ecosystem. 

If your organisation, like many other NFPs, suffers from having its IT resources stretched to the limit, this facet of Microsoft Sentinel can be invaluable in helping you to refine your organisational security and allowing your IT team to focus on resolving the real cyber security threats you may be facing. 

5. It Utilises AI To Hunt For Security Threats 

As cyber security threats become increasingly more sophisticated with time, it’s never been more important than to ensure your security solutions are able to keep up. Since Sentinel’s AI is powered by Microsoft’s years of cyber security work - which are ongoing and thus its AI continues to develop - you can rest easy knowing that the threats it identifies are worth responding to in order to protect your organisation. 

Microsoft Sentinel also operates across your entire organisational network, no matter how many users or devices this includes. This means that it’s uniquely positioned to hunt for suspicious activities at scale, adding an extra layer of protection for those organisations that may have remote or mobile workers. 

Want to know more about how Microsoft Sentinel can help your NFP take its cyber and identity security needs to the next level? 

All you have to do to get started is get in touch and a member of the MOQdigital cyber and identity security team will be more than happy to help. 

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