Securing Business Data, even when staff are using their own devices

28 Jul 2020, MOQdigital

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As a result of COVID-19 a significant percentage of the workforce is now working from home. 

Regardless of whether staff are working from their home offices or the actual office, securing business data remains a priority. While there are several factors associated with the protection of this data, one of the most important is the use of unmanaged or “bring your own devices” (BYOD), where staff are using their own mobile devices or laptops to access company resources. The risks associated with BYOD are widely known and include, but are not limited to: 

  • Poor mobile management – In today’s COVID-19 environment, employee turnover is not always avoidable. How can you be sure that these former employees no longer have access to company applications and information, and would you be able to track down the device if it was the source of a breach? 
  • Malware Infiltration – staff use their personal devices to download all sorts of information. What happens if they download something with malware that could potentially infiltrate your company network? 
  • Device loss or theft – Most company policies require company devices to be secured via password and multi-factor authentication. These policies don’t always extend to personal devices. What happens if a staff’s personal device is lost or stolen? An unsecured device could lead to lost or stolen data.  

Possible solutions 

There are several possible solutions to overcome the challenge of data safety on employee owned devices. Whether the devices are managed or unmanaged, these solutions provide an additional layer of protection to your business data. MOQdigital recommends Microsoft 365 security solutions as one of the best ways of securing your business data as its interoperability and capabilities in identity, access management, endpoint protection and mobile management helps protect your data against potential breaches in the mobile landscape.  

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MOQdigital is able to provide solutions to suit your business needs and help you achieve your required outcomes. Whether by helping you build identity management and multi-factor authentication systems through Azure Active Directory (AD) or setting up device management systems with Microsoft Intune, MOQdigital can tailor its services to best suit your needs.


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