Quantum Computing and Education

30 Oct 2019, MOQdigital


MOQDIGITAL September (new size) (30)Computing and digital technologies are shaping the world every day, and quantum computing and education are fast becoming a formidable pairing at schools around the globe. Moore’s Law suggests that the speed of the fastest computer will double every 14 months or so, but recently, we saw the emergence of a new record.

Quantum Supremacy News

A team from Google claims to have used a quantum computer to solve a problem in fewer than four minutes – one that would have taken a supercomputer 10,000 years to complete. The moment has been marked as ‘quantum supremacy’ and has stirred some controversy across multiple industries. Despite this controversy, the leap forward suggests that we have entered a new era of processing speed – one that will likely bring forward breakthroughs in how digital technologies are used in businesses, at home, and at school. 

Computing and Education

These kinds of advancements beg the question – how do quantum computing and education affect each other? For starters, it means that the students of today will be facing a faster, more digitally capable tomorrow – and that they’ll need the skills to face it. This begs another question – what does that tomorrow look like, especially if quantum computing is making such dramatic leaps forward today?

Machine Learning is likely to step up to the plate, and educators can use the capabilities of quantum computing to revolutionise how education is delivered. From making informed decisions about student progress to improving collaboration and communication, and more – advancements in computing mean advancements in how digital technology is used. 

Likely, student-led education will also come to the forefront, with more and more students wanting to learn about computing, coding, and other IT skills. It is up to educators to ensure that they are teaching their students to be responsible digital citizens and that they are using technology to educate – not entertain – their classrooms.

Computing and You

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