Providing VDBA expertise: The WARDY IT Managed Services Team

22 Oct 2020, MOQdigital

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With the WARDY IT Solutions Team joining the MOQdigital family, the two companies are already working together to assist customers with their digital transformation. We take this opportunity to introduce their Managed Services team to everyone.  The WARDY team is a very niche market team, as they provide a Virtual Data Base Administration service (VDBA). VDBA, for those who have not heard, is a 24x7x365 remote database administration service. The VDBA subscription service is a cost-effective way for organisations to meet the day-to-day challenges of monitoring availability, performance, and administration of critical Microsoft SQL Server databases and environments.

Within the WARDY MS Team, there are 30 Microsoft Certified staff members, who all together service around 120 + clients. This equates to thousands of databases. The team works together to service all clients, as no one client has a designated contact person, and this ensures a consistent level of support continues to be provided to all customers. This also means the Team are all highly experienced as they are exposed to multiple environments a day.  We spoke to Gavin McGrath, the General Manger of the Managed Services Team and he said that “our staff work on many environments ranging from Microsoft SQL 2000 to the current version. It takes a lot of skill and attention to know it all”. The team respond to tickets and escalations from all environments, and they do this all 24x7x365 (on shift – NOT on call). They utilise an internally developed product, SQL Beacon, to provide them with live real-time status of all environments. SQL Beacon is a non-intrusive  product that also provides daily health reports to the Customer and the team so they can view the statistics and health of the MS SQL Environment. 

 We are excited to have the Managed Services team join the MOQdigital team as their VDBA service is one of the best in the country and they definitely know what they’re doing. The VDBA service is a cost and time effective service for data bases. The team are online 24 hours a day all year around, and ready to service your needs. If you are interested in the VDBA service and the WARDY Managed Services team, please reach out to us below and we can get you in contact with the team.  

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