Productivity of care staff at point of service

18 Jul 2017, MOQdigital Marketing

Health & Aged Care


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Point of Service (POS) is almost always the first port of call for any potential client. Your staff at the point of service act as the face of your company and your brand and their efficiency is a mirror image of your organisation’s functional experience 

In care services, clients are invested in their point of service as it is not only where they engage with your company, but also where they make appointments to return and link future experiences with other care facilities. Therefore, ensuring that your staff at point of service offer a high level of productivity and awareness. 

Point of service for staff, starting point for you 

 If you wish to promote productivity at point of service (POS) for your team and your aged care planning, you must be proactive and productive. To do this, there are three simple things every business can do to ensure an exceptional POS experience.  

  1. Update Technology: Having services and technology that is up-to-date helps make life easier for staff at POS. This, in turn, sees the client have a seamless experience while in the care of your company. If your computer systems are slow, your devices not integrated, and your connection to other care facilities lagging, you can end up with a bottleneck at your point of service. Keeping your technology patched, secure, and fast will keep your staff productive – and your customers feeling cared for and loyal.  

  2. Patching: In the wake of the WannaCry attacks, keeping systems patched is paramount to network security. Reputable software, such as Office365, will require updating and patching on a regular basis. In doing so, you ensure that your systems keep up with advancements in Cyber Security and that any loopholes are secured. Patches also see that your systems are running correctly and efficiently, reducing unneeded processes and improving your operations. Keeping your system patched, and following through with system updates when they become available, will reduce the risk of Cyber Security threats and increase system functionality.  

  3. Training: A well trained, knowledgeable member of staff can make the POS experience beneficial for your business and your consumer. We know that teams cannot work efficiently without efficient technology at their disposal, but the same applies for their training. In support and at point of service, speed and quality of response are crucial to customer satisfaction. Without quick access to customer information or access to other services, productive assistance is lost. Staff should be trained to use the software your company offers at POS, and in how to deal with clients should they become frustrated or dissatisfied with their experience. Training helps keep the point of service productive, but it will also contribute to reducing your risk of insider threats by ensuring that staff are aware of what they can share and how they can share it. Information, especially in care services, is sensitive and the certainty that your point of service is not a weak point can only be done by adding appropriate security and training measures with staff. 

Each of these features, can be developed and applied with the correct management. Discover more about Integrated Care Planning and the move to Patient Centric Care with MOQdigital.

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