Proactive, not Reactive: Security as a Service

06 Feb 2020, MOQdigital

Cyber Security, Service First


In 2017, 53 percent of US businesses reported experiencing a cyberattack. While not every cyberattack is successful – e.g. they don’t always result in stolen data or installed malware – every attempted breach is cause for alarm and requires investigation and a response.

What’s more, the attacks that invite a data breach are only multiplying. Time and manpower requirements are becoming too burdensome for companies to defend themselves on their own – which is why they need security as a service (SECaaS). 

Companies are Becoming Increasingly Vulnerable 

Right now, cloud proliferation is making companies more vulnerable, just as the technology is making life more convenient for employees. 94 percent of companies rely on multiple clouds (i.e. Private, Public, and Hybrid) and cloud services in order to manage their data and do business. What a lot of companies don’t realise, however, is that every new cloud is a new set of identities and credentials for attackers to target, a new repository of potentially sensitive data, and a new traffic stream to monitor, audit and trace for vulnerabilities. 

In short, corporate infrastructure is becoming too complicated for companies to secure on their own. 58 percent of companies report that they don’t have enough staff to fully secure their environments – and as a result, it takes an average of 206 days for companies to detect a data breach. 

How Does Security as a Service Improve Corporate Defenses? 

Unless your job is creating information security software, cyber defense is not your primary line of business – nor should it be. There is always a balance between investment in user, data and endpoint security, and improvements to the core business which furthers the business, its efficiency and the success which results. 

Investment in SECaaS acts as a force multiplier. It means that you can get the full benefit of advanced security knowledge and analysis in a fully staffed security operations center (SOC) without having to pay the full cost of ownership when it comes to implementing and maintaining this environment. 

Apart from cost-cutting, your business will also see the following benefits. 

Consistent and Uniform Protection 

If you’re a smaller business, you may only have enough budget to defend against the most dangerous threats. In other words, if ransomware is trending, you invest in data backups. If phishing is on the rise, you invest in security awareness training. You may not have the time, money, or expertise to consider what your long term goal might be – the way in which all your solutions combine in order to create total defense. By working with SECaaS, you effectively hire a virtual Chief Information Security Officer who evaluates your defensive posture, identifies gaps and works with the business to address the vulnerabilities which pose threats to the business and its users, data and operations. 

Patching and Vulnerability Management 

Updating the security gaps in your various applications is a never-ending, unrewarding process. Too often, companies find that updating their software to fix exploitable bugs often breaks their configurations or results in unplanned downtime. As a result, sixty percent of successful breaches exploit unpatched (yet totally fixable) vulnerabilities. Working with SECaaS means that you have a crew of expert individuals who can devote all of their time towards keeping your software up to date – without worrying about unexpected failures. 

Faster User Provisioning 

Ensuring that new users get access to the tools and data that they need is one of the cornerstones of security – enabling access to data is a core tenant of a business, and the identity associated with this access becomes the front door to this data in a cloud first world. Still, this isn’t a core job function of your company, and a SECaaS team can help make it both more streamlined and more secure. 

Get Smarter Security with MOQDigital 

When you work with MOQDigital, we provide a tailored security service, specific to your requirements that can help you make up the capability you need to protect your data, your staff, and your customers. With us, you’ll have access to a large team of dedicated experts who will understand your business, your risks, and security needs. If you’d like to learn more about how MOQ can take the next steps to making your organization more secure, download our Cyber Security Capability Statement.