AI-driven insights: The future of customer service

13 Mar 2020, MOQdigital

Microsoft, Financial Services

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Customer insights have never been more critical to business success than today. That’s because it’s become increasingly important to leverage insights to offer a more personalised and customised experience for our customers. 

Never before has this personal touch been so critical for customer service, but fragmented data is a challenge for many companies and these silos make it difficult to truly gain a holistic view of what the customer wants. More and more, organisations are looking to unify data and merge fragmented pieces of information into a central view.

As part of these holistic efforts, business leaders are also leaning on Artificial Intelligence (AI) for insights on customer profiles. AI is poised to be a game-changer in the way companies leverage customer information. Using a unified customer view, AI can help strategically cut through the noise and pinpoint trends and insights.

These AI-driven insights give you the tools to understand customer values and purchase patterns.  Companies can then rely on these to strengthen the relationship, anticipate needs, and drive personalised recommendations, leading to increased sales and customer loyalty. Business today cannot afford to ignore the benefits AI offers when it comes to customer insights.

The future is AI-driven insights and predictive analytics

One common approach is to use predictive analytics. Using data from purchase patterns, AI can offer you information about what a customer base is likely to prefer and buy in the future, meaning you can tailor your offers to appeal to changing tastes and purchase needs.

AI can give companies insight into behavioral patterns collected from customer databases and ancillary data sources. Adding these patterns to demographic data to identify trends can maximise leads, help you find and grow your target audience, and offer deeply personalised suggestions. That means you know what customers want before they do, which can have benefits such as less excess inventory, enhanced business efficiency and an advantage over competitors because you are always “one step ahead” when it comes to customer trends.

There is no question that AI is shaping up to be essential for any business that wants to improve their understanding of the customers and gain essential insights to optimise the relationship. Traditional marketing tactics are now being complimented heavily by  data-driven techniques, and are the key to the future of strategic business decisions.

Seize the opportunity of AI with Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 Customer Insights

Dynamics 365 Customer Insights is a customer data platform (CDP) that can help you achieve a holistic view of customers, enriched with artificial intelligence. With connected data, you can unlock the insights required to deliver personalised experiences and take proactive action across marketing, sales, and service. Plus, you can use it with Dynamics 365 or as a standalone solution.

Maximise customer lifetime value with AI-driven insights based on unified customer profiles. Transform into a customer-centric organisation where marketing, sales, and service professionals have the insights they need to provide a better customer experience across the business. See results faster with a ready-to-go CDP designed to deliver insights that can be acted upon with minimal training and IT assistance.

In partnership with Microsoft, MOQ is offering eligible customers an incentive for up to $5,000 AUD to stand up Dynamics 365 Customer Insights as a Proof of Concept. We will educate your team on the capabilities of the product and drive a greater understanding of your needs for unified customer information across your organisation. 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights gives your organisation the ability to unify customer data across multiple sources, allowing other tools like AI, Machine Learning and Power BI to provide intelligent actionable insights derived from unified customer data.