Making informed learning decisions

24 Mar 2017, MOQdigital Marketing


There is a growing need within schools to review teaching and learning programs using student feedback, student assessment data, knowledge of the curriculum and workplace practices. There is also a need for school leaders to use data to make decisions about organisational arrangements and for tracking student learning outcomes. Having the right information promptly allows school leaders to make more informed decisions.

One of the most common techniques to track learning outcomes involves the collection and analysis of data using a learning analytics tool. There are many opportunities to collect data that can be used to help predict and improve student performance, and analytics tools that can capture this data as part of the formative assessment program.

There many factors that motivate interest in learning analytics. One motivating factor is the general trend for increased accountability in all levels of education. Schools around Australia are feeling increased pressure to account for what and how their students are learning. Learning analytics provides one of many methods to not only document student performance but also to provide insights into the way in which student performance can be continually improved.

While in many jurisdictions the focus is on improving performance in national testing, we believe there are other opportunities including:

  • providing a more personalised learning experience for students based on their performance data;
  • predicting student success and by changing what you do potentially can change the outcomes for a student;
  • targeting of resources to ensure student success;
  • greater awareness and transparency about student success for students, parents, teacher and school; and
  • earlier identification of changes to student success regarding patterns of learning behaviour, participation, and achievement.

MOQdigital is working with some schools as they start or progress their journey to predicting student success.

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