Optimising your Azure License: Using a CSP

27 Nov 2020, MOQdigital

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The process of optimising and fine tuning your software licensing is a complicated matter, and if done incorrectly, you can introduce inefficiencies and cost your business significantly in the long term. It can be hard to distinguish the most fuel-efficient route to efficient Azure licensing or know if you are using the most recent technology roadmaps without proper guidance. Thankfully, there is a way to navigate the route: Partnering with a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) like MOQdigitalWe are here to explain the dangers of “going at it alone” and the benefits of having an experienced partner to help guide your Azure transformation journey.  

Benefit #1 – A direct line to Microsoft 

As a Microsoft CSP, MOQdigital has  direct access to Microsoft resources. Our Gold partnership with Microsoft means that MOQdigital can provide you services equal to that which you would receive directly from Microsoft. Our team combines decades of experience in Microsoft technologies. If it is an issue we cannot solve, our CSP status means we can escalate the issue to a Microsoft representative and resolve your issue much faster.  

Benefit #2 – Local and Licensing Support 

As a CSP partner, MOQdigital would be the point of contact and receive your support calls in relation to the service. We would look to triage these calls and pass on to Microsoft if requiredWe are the point of contact in case of a problem (technical, billing & subscription support). Being a single point of contact also simplifies your licensing needs as you can have one partner looking after all your Microsoft cloud licenses and drawing on our expertise and skills to enable you to maximise the benefits of your investment. 

Benefit #3 – Full visibility and regular reporting 

Monitoring is a big part of managing cloud infrastructure and ensuring environments are optimised, Cloud spend is under control, and governance is properly in order. Partnering with MOQdigital allows your organisation to retain full visibility into resource consumption and licensing usage across your entire business. We also provide a detailed level of consumption reporting that keeps your decision-makers and IT team aware of the exact services that have been consumed, which licenses are being used by which users, and potential wastage to fix. We ensure you leverage such monitoring tools following best practices and backed by proven cloud expertise during your Azure transformation journey. 

Benefit #4 – Lean spending 

Without proper guidance, it is extremely easy to fall into the trap of spending on unneeded services. MOQdigital however, is dedicated to ensuring you do not allocate budget unnecessarily and are using the most optimised technology roadmap that suits your needs. As we provide CSP services to industries like Not-For-Profit, Aged Care and Education institutions, we are fully aware of the need for costs to be kept flexible and for your organisation to only pay for the services you need. Microsoft is shifting away from individual service and is encouraging companies to work with CSPs like MOQdigitalWe enable your organisation to make the transition to the Cloud, while reducing costs and providing robust support at all levels. At MOQdigital, we work with clients at every stage of their cloud adoption journey, helping them digitally transform their business and achieve more with their technology investment. 

Partnering with MOQdigital for Azure Cloud consumption: next steps 

If you would like to know if a CSP is the best fit for your organisation’s Azure and digital transformation objectives, please reach out to us today. 

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