Optimising Integrated Healthcare

01 Aug 2019, MOQdigital

Health & Aged Care

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Technology has changed the landscape of healthcare for the better, optimising integrated healthcare for current and future generations. However, for success in a digital age, healthcare providers must ensure that they have the tools required to create and sustain meaningful success.

Healthcare Today

Healthcare in a modern era is significantly different from years past. In the past ten years, digital technologies have reshaped the world and created new services and practices that medical practitioners have begun to utilise fully. Many healthcare providers are becoming heavily reliant on technology for:

  • Accessing patient data
  • Communicating between locations
  • Establishing effective billing practices
  • Improving interaction with other aspects of the healthcare system
  • Updating treatment plans
  • Bettering communication between practitioners and patients
  • And much more.

Optimising Integrated Healthcare processes helps healthcare providers ensure that their digital investments are worthwhile scalable and sustainable. To do this, they must consider factors like location, security, compliance, healthcare directives, and communication.

One of the great benefits of integrated healthcare is its ability to connect healthcare providers. This anywhere, anytime communication allows for patient information to be seamlessly and securely shared between medical sites, helping streamline treatment and ensure that providers are on the same page. This saves patients time and money and enables better operations for health organisations as a whole. A correctly optimised integrated healthcare system will not only provide the right information to the right people, but will also ensure that it is accurate, securely delivered, and easy to access. These three features are the key to an optimised system and should be a priority for any healthcare provider.

However, this can be difficult to manage in an age of digital as there is a significant amount of data coming and going – and it increases every day.

Optimising Security

Compliance and privacy regulations are evolving to meet the needs of a digital market, and it is paramount for all healthcare providers to remain up-to-date on their compliance and security requirements. A data breach alone could cost an organisation millions, with a fine for handing it inappropriately could cost even more. In 2017, the cost of a data breach was 2.5 times the global average, with one of the largest data breaches of the year costing over USD $115million.

Optimising Convenience

Patient attitudes and behaviours have changed, forcing healthcare providers to adjust their business practices and adopt a patient-centric approach. Time and money are central drivers of this, with patients wanting quick, convenient, cost-effective care.

Healthcare facilities are responding by optimising their waiting rooms and utilising wearable devices and other health-related programming to deliver better, more relevant care. This requires the implementation of scalable technologies that are secure and cloud-based, shaping the infrastructure of the healthcare environment and not only optimising care but opening it up for future growth alongside technology. Processes are becoming more and more streamlined thanks to automation and integration. Facilities can save thousands per year through reduced labour costs, decreasing overheads for infrastructure, and the reduction of revenue lost through misdiagnosis. This can be aided by machine learning and AI, freeing up practitioner time and allowing them to focus more on initiatives and practices that matter to them and their organisation.

Adopting Success

Optimisation today relies on the adoption of new technologies. And not just any technologies; they must be relevant to an organisation and their growth. Selecting the right strategies and solutions is essential to optimisation and success, and all healthcare providers looking to deliver better service for a digital age should be looking to find the right integrated solution for them.

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