Office 365 advanced threat analytics

15 Jun 2017, MOQdigital Marketing

Cyber Security

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As businesses look to integrate themselves into the Cloud and to Office 365, many have privacy and security at the forefront of their minds. A depth of experience for cyber security is needed when it comes to successful, safe businesses, and Office 365 addresses key areas of threat analysis to ensure that you and your data remain protected.  

Security Insights

Security is no longer simply about anti-virus; businesses need to consider the protection of critical information and set up data loss prevention solutions. When we look at security breaches, most come from within a business and not from an external source.  It is crucial to understand where these threats arise. Advanced Threat Analytics with Office 365 shows us that an attacker exists within a network for approximately 150 days before they are detected and that over 60% of intrusions occur due to compromised user credentials. With a 500 billion dollar cost to the community and an average 3.8 million dollar cost of a data breach to a company, cyber crime is a serious issue and one that should be addressed appropriately. Office 365 Threat Analytics help address cyber security concerns held by most companies, and with a depth of experience in this field, Microsoft has made provisions to protect and secure your investments and Intel.  

Advanced Threat Protection

To further improve user peace of mind, Microsoft Office 365 is equipped with advanced threat protection. But what does this mean? The program can detect threats quickly with behavioural analytics and ready-to-go intelligence. Updated learning adapts to the ever-evolving landscape of business and users, ensuring that no unusual behaviour goes unnoticed. Furthermore, you'll only receive alerts only after suspicious activity has been verified, reducing false positives and only notifying you of confirmed threats while allowing you to stay on top of your security and keep one step ahead at all times.  

Reduce your risk of costly, time-consuming damage with real-time Advanced Threat Analytics thanks to Office 365. With the intelligence to learn, analyse, and identify threats and suspicious behaviour, you can detect and address issues within minutes instead of hours. 

Data Level Security

Furthermore, as an administrator and a user, you are also given control over your privacy settings, allowing you to delegate and control who sees what within your business.  You will have a real-time view of cyber threats, along with insights into how to detect and address issues the moment they arise.  

While Office 365 has multiple layers of redundancy and information backups at a datacenter level, if a threat does pose a serious risk to your organisation, it is also worth evaluating whether a Cloud Backup strategy should be in place too. 

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