MOQ announces acquisition of Wardy IT Solutions

12 Aug 2019, MOQdigital


Blog - Wardy IT

Today is an exciting day for MOQ with the announcement of the acquisition of Wardy IT Solutions (Wardy IT).

Our CEO, Joe D’Addio, commented, “The acquisition of Wardy IT is an excellent strategic fit for MOQ and aligns with our vision to develop, build and acquire cloud-centric complementary technology businesses.

“We are pleased to welcome the Wardy IT team and their market-leading expertise in data architecture, data optimisation and data management capabilities on the Microsoft platform. These capabilities are a real point of difference for MOQ and, as a result, our customers should benefit from our strengthened resources in an area that is central to their digital transformation efforts.”

Microsoft Australia’s Managing Director Steven Worrall also commented, “We look forward to extending our relationship with MOQ through the acquisition of Wardy IT. We have had a long and mutually beneficial partnership with Wardy IT – they have three Gold level partnerships in Data Platforms, Data Analytics and Cloud Platforms and an exceptional reputation.

The combined expertise of the two companies will be of great value to small and medium sized businesses that rely on Microsoft solutions to run their operations efficiently and effectively.”

We look forward to being able to offer our customers greater capabilities across the data architecture, data optimisation and data management space.