Microsoft Teams – Leading the Collaboration Market

30 Jul 2020, MOQdigital

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2020: The year of mobile work. 


The concept of working from home has long past the stage where it is a rising trend; it’s now the norm.

 As such, businesses have had to find a way for their staff to communicate with one another, simulating the interaction you would otherwise normally have in a physical office spaceOver the last 6 months, apps like Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Slack have seen massive gains in their daily usage. MOQdigital has leveraged its partnership with Microsoft in order to deliver tailored solutions based on Teams as a platform to help businesses achieve their strategic goals and outcomes. Andrew Higgs, Solutions Architect in MOQdigital’s Converged Comms and Security Practice, shares with us the advantages Teams has over other collaboration platforms. 


Full-featured collaboration and integration.  

While other video conferencing apps provide just that; video conferencing capabilities, Microsoft Teams allows you to integrate other apps from Microsoft into its platform. In addition to chat, video and call functions, Teams allows business to enable collaboration throughout your entire organisation as other apps under the Office 365 suite integrated into it, including Microsoft Office, Power Platform, Lists, OneDrive, and Stream. This makes Teams a one-stop platform staff can use to access all their information, collaborate with other members of their team, and communicate effectively.  



According to Microsoft, the circumstances surrounding COVID-19 and the uptake in working from home has given Cloud services a massive boost, with a 775% increase in cloud services across the globe as companies moved to adapt to the new work landscape. Microsoft Teams saw a significant spike in usage in late March when the transition began. Despite this, Teams servers were largely stable thanks in part to the work Microsoft and their partners have put in to ensure business’ environments remain stable and able to handle the increased capacity.  


Microsoft’s and MOQdigital’s support 

As one of the biggest companies in the industry, Microsoft continues to work on the continued development of teams, with new features and improvements to its current functionality regularly released. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, MOQdigital stand’s ready to provide assistance to businesses that best suit their needs. If you would like to learn more about how we can help you progress on your Microsoft Teams journey, please contact us here. 


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