Microsoft Teams for Education

10 Mar 2021, MOQdigital

Whether you’re teaching remotely, in person, or employing a hybrid model, Microsoft has some exciting updates this month that MOQdigital wishes to share with you. The MOQdigital education team has a rich of classroom teaching and understands the necessity of integrating useful and meaningful technology into the classroom to improve student outcomes. Microsoft Teams for Education is a highlight for many schools and its regular updates continue to make it better and more user friendly. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to learn how to receive bespoke training for your school’s specific needs. 

Teachers are always looking for new and exciting ways to encourage class participation, and there are a few new and upcoming updates that can help make this happen: 

  • Dynamic View (coming soon), which intelligently arranges content and participants during class, showing the important stuff all on the same screen. 
  • Presenter Mode (coming soon), a view which gives educators the option to choose how video and content appear to students during class. This helps create a more natural classroom or lecture experience and allows students to see their teacher or professor alongside content!  
  • View Switcher (available now) in the top bar of Teams meetings will let teachers control how they see meeting content. Teachers may want to see students or peers interact in Together Mode, or use a view that helps them concentrate called Focus View which hides all video feeds and only shows you the shared content 
  • PowerPoint Live in Teams (Available now) which gives educators even more options for presenting content in one interactive view. Content, notes, slides, and students are all in a single view which can help keep teachers connected with students while on staying on track with material 

One of the most exciting Teams updates is that Educators will soon have the option to download attendance reports after a class meeting is over. Only the meeting organizer/teacher will have access to the attendance report, which will include join and leave time, email addresses of the students, and duration attendance, so Educators can track both attendance and engagement. If students are not attending or engaging in meetings, there may be a reason that is hindering their learning which the teacher can investigate.  

At MOQdigital, we know it is very important for teachers to be able to keep students engaged. Teams has some new features within meeting controls to make this happen: 

  • The disable video function, which allows a meeting organizer to disable the video of an individual student or all students. Disable video can help Educators manage unwanted class disruptions. Similar to the mute all feature, once a student has had their video disabled, they can’t override the teacher.  
  • Teachers can also now choose from these chat settings: “Disabled,” preventing the teacher and students from using the meeting chat, or “Only during the meeting,” allowing students to send messages only during the meeting and the organizer to send messages at any time.  

Teachers rely heavily on the assignments feature in teams. Now, they can do even more with a few new updates.  

  • A teacher can now add a link as an Assignment resource. Students can see a thumbnail preview before clicking to the site or resource. This quick preview helps the student get a quick understanding of the resource before clicking through to the material.  
  • File size limits for student uploads have been increasedSometimes it’s helpful for students to submit a larger file for their assignment, like a video or big PowerPoint file. That is now possible with increased file size limits from 50 MB to 500 MB. 

Microsoft Teams for Education is constantly updating and adding new features to make your classroom as dynamic and user friendly as possible. Please reach out to the education team at MOQdigital for more information on how we can deliver unique professional development to your school on all that Teams has to offer. If you are interested in learning more about the new Microsoft Teams advancements, check out our Microsoft Ignite Recap session we are hosting on the 17th of March.