Microsoft Teams for Education

18 Mar 2020, MOQdigital

Microsoft, Education

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Welcome back to the new 2020 academic year! Whilst most of you were recharging our MOQdigital consultants were busy working with Independent Schools across Queensland and New South Wales on the effective implementation of Microsoft Teams.

Each school engaged in a full day assessment of their current use of Microsoft Teams and the Microsoft for Education suite, their supporting infrastructure and device capabilities. The key stakeholders in each school identified their goals for the use of Microsoft Teams in 2020 and the MOQdigital consultants assisted them in creating an implementation plan using the Microsoft Education best practice model.

Reshaping teaching and learning in schools with Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams has the capacity to reshape teaching and learning in our schools. It is a ‘real time’ platform for communication, assessment and three-dimensional collaboration; student to student, student to teacher and teacher to teacher.  Microsoft Teams can be used as a digital hub, and with its vast Cloud storage capacity schools can use it for collation of policies and procedures, curriculum documentation, media storage and the communication portal for all stakeholders.

Of interest to schools was the capacity for Microsoft Teams to not only transform teaching and learning in the classroom but also to expand collaborative communities within and outside of the school community. Teachers can engage with their peers and with teachers in other schools on professional development and shared planning of curriculum. Not only are teachers transforming their practice, but students are learning to use an online collaborative tool that they will be engaging with when they commence tertiary study and/or enter the workforce.

If you would like to talk with one of our consultants about how a Microsoft Teams implementation could help you, please get in touch with us today.