Meet The Team: Steve Goldsmith

09 Oct 2020, MOQdigital

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If you’ve been in our offices and seen the 49ers gear on someone’s desk, you’ll have seen Steve Goldsmith's desk. Steve is our General Manager for the Professional Services Team, who’s role enables and empowers the teams with the right solutions, processes and tools to deliver a great outcome for our Customers. A typical day would cross over many areas from customer presentations, reviewing business performance and conducting opportunity reviews, through to team engagement and team development discussions. Steve’s calendar is a maze of meetings, but we wouldn’t want anyone else managing and meeting with so many people, he is great at what he does. 

 Steve has been with the business now for 12 months, and what a year it has been. In his previous role, he worked at the Vita Group leading their Enterprise Services Team. They were a National Partner for Telstra and delivered some new digital technology to the likes of Queensland Police and Queensland Ambulance. Steve says “you see those iPads they all carry, yep my team deployed and looked after those”.  

 We asked Steve what he was passionate about both inside and outside of work, and he said “at work, it’s all about development”. He goes on to say that developing our capability in how we deliver to our customers, developing as a team with a continuous improvement mindset and developing as individuals are our main focuses. He says that “collaboration and communication are two of the key elements in making this happen, it works”. And boy does it work, Steve has taken the Professional Services under his wing, and they have all grown as a team. 

Outside of work Steve said there “are two passions”, firstly his family and seeing his kids grow and develop in their chosen pathways and secondly it’s all about My Team, the 49ers”. Steve fell in love with the game at an early age and achieved his Bucket List Number 1 earlier this year going to a SuperBowl. We were all so jealous of him!  

 We also asked Steve if he had any hobbies outside of work. He went on to mention that he likes a variety of things, so he never really found a true hobby. However, he does play Golf (kind of) and even relaxes with Super Size Lego, he has a few of the largest sets ever created, which is very impressive if you ask us! As a teen, Steve raced BMX bikes and collected a lot of trophies travelling around the UK (where Steve is from), however he was a bit accident prone so gave it up when he started his apprenticeship with IBM, where his IT career started. 

 Our final question to Steve was what he most enjoys about working at MOQdigital. Steve said “There are a number of things. The obvious one is the people, and at MOQdigital, it’s true. You can be in touch with anyone at any level and there is a support network through the teams. When you look at what has been achieved over the years, I think we need to celebrate more of the things we have done.” Steve is an instrumental part of the organisation here at MOQdigital. He brings a wealth of knowledge and many skills to our teams to help develop them. We are grateful to have found Steve 12 months ago, and we are so excited to see how he takes on the next 12 months.