Meet the Team: Scott Raphael

05 Aug 2020, MOQdigital

Meet the Team


Meet Scott Raphael, the IT Manager at WARDY IT Solutions. We’ve only known Scott for a little while, but he fits right into the MOQdigital family. 

Scott has many responsibilities, meaning his days are quite busy. You can find him in the WARDY office in Brisbane running around fixing equipment, supporting people with projects, running IT support and sometimes in our MOQdigital offices catching up with Jason Muir, the MOQdigital IT Operations Manager. He’s everywhere and anywhere!  Before joining WARDY IT Solutions, Scott was the Queensland State Manager with the GPK Group, National MSP specialising in Azure Stack.  Scott sure knows his stuff. 


We asked Scott what he was passionate about, and he spoke a great deal about technology. He states, “I like making the impossible possible”. This passion reflects through the work he does. Scott will take on any problem, not matter how too big or too smalland he always gives it a fair crack. We also asked Scott what he enjoys most about working for WARDY IT, and he said he really enjoys the variety of work, and that the people he works alongside are very talented at what they do. He also goes on to say that he has enjoyed meeting the MOQdigital team over the past months. 


Outside of work you wont find Scott. Why? Well, he loves being outdoors in the wilderness chilling out camping and fishing. He loves doing this with his family, son and friends. Recently he bought himself a new camper trailer and he says “I’m very excited to take it out and give it a go”. Give Scott a ‘Bundy’ and a fire and he’s good to go. 

Scott is an overall great guy, he is always willing to go the extra mile to help colleagues and customers, he will always stop you to have a chat and touch base with you, and he is passionate about his work. We are lucky to have him in the WARDY IT and MOQdigital family.